Hi , I have worked over the previous version and released the improved version with lots of tweaked features.

1) Updated : Gmail 2.3.5, MAP 5.10 , Market 3.1.5
2) Framework : Fixed some layout issue and errors.

Download Link => Vivek V 1.1 Apps and Framework Update

Version 1.1 (XXJPS BASED ROM)

Whats New Addon :

1) AndroSS - Screenshot capture (Added)
2) Swype - ver. (Added)
3) Terminal Emulator - (Added)
4) Quickpic - V 1.4.1 (Added)
5) Google Search - On user demand (Added)
6) Messaging App - Modded one (Added)
7) Gingerbread keyboard added.
8) Fixed Wifi issue while connecting (as reported by users).
9) Added new ringtone and notification ( Do update with below Update File after you flash the Rom )

Ringtone Updater file : Download 

Internal Memory with 190 MB free space / And system: 27 MB.

ROM Download Link : : Vivek's ROM V 1.1 

Password : vivek

For Dual Boot Kernel (G3mod):

ROM System Image Download Link : : ROM System Image V 1.1 


Due to Wifi Bug in the version I decide to release this update for the Users currently running my ROM's V 1.0.

Download Upgrade for V 1.0 --> V 1.1 : Upgrade for V 1.0


P.S : If you have any query or issue feel free to get back to me with your 
       comment. And you my fellow blogger , I will be back with non tech stuff
       soon :).


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Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy 3 XXJPS Base ( Vivek's ROM V1.0 Released)

I has been working from last 2 weeks on a thought that just strike my mind about android smartphone , is to develop a Custom ROM of my own for the device I'm using (Samsung Galaxy 3 Apollo), I'm a member of a development Platform XDA forum , where developers across the world come together and  work cohesively on different aspect ( CPU , battery usage , multitasking etc) of the phone and improving its performance making a specific  mobile Community over there.
Before I used to keep testing all the Custom ROMs over my phone and keep tweaking them as per my like , so slowly and gradually last week this thought came out and I finally made one Custom ROM of mine Following are its          features with screenshot.

ROM Features :

1) Kernel: G3Mod 1.9 Performance
2) Deodexed ROM
3) Zipaligned
4) Some Tweaks added (modified as needed)
5) Battery tweak
6) New Theme ( check the screenshot)
7) JIT enabled
8) app2sd
9) World Wide APN
10) 1 lock screen-moded
11) Extended power menu
12) Live wallpapers
13) My Modded Wallpaper Pack
14) rooted
15) Removed Some unnecessary stock apps(google search,voice search,Twlauncher,
TwWallpers etc.)
16) Apps from Stock ROM: Gmail v2.3.5 ,Gallery 3D , Gtalk, thinkfreeoffice
17) MAP 9.0 added
18) IO File manager added
19) XDA App added
      And More... 

DOWNLOAD ROM Link Vivek's ROM V1.0
Password: vivek

My XDA Forum Post link

A Big thanks to : Dharam (Kernel), Zeppelinrox (Script), kyrillos (Script) and everyone who inspire me over XDA for making me to develop this ROM.

Note: I am not responsible for any damage caused to your phone (Softbrick or hardbrick).


1) Copy the SDCARD Folder content to your Sdcard
2) Open Terminal : Type " reboot download".
3) Connect mobile to pc/laptop and launch the Odin (included in the download)
4) Select tar as one package and select apollo_0531.ops file as ops.
5) Click Start to trigger flashing Process.
6) A Yellow/Orange color triangle will come - press the left key.
7) Do A " wipe data /factory reset or choose extended wipe menu option and then Reboot.
8) Booting will take 10 -12 min initially during 2 initial booting , later later it will take very less time (so don't panic).
9) When booting completes You can then go-to the preferences ( click left button--> preferences --> restore back) of launcher to restore its icons from Sdcard.

I have tested this ROM and used multiple apps ( music , chat , GPS and Brosing )at one go no freezes as of now.



Due to Wifi Bug in this version I decide to release this update for the Users currently running my ROM's V 1.0.

Download Upgrade for V 1.0 --> V 1.1 : Upgrade for V 1.0


you can Check the latest post for --> Versions 1.1

Note : you need to have your sd card partitioned before to use App2sd script.

P.S : If Any issue comes do update me, will work over it  and release update 
       ASAP.If you want to donate please click on the adds over here.

       Do leave your valuable comments so that to know your take on this ROM.


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Portable PC apps

It has been a long time since I posted something on the technical front.In this post I will some showcase some of the application which can be of great help to you. since these are portable i.e you don't need to install them , as they are executable files and are easy to use all are windows based apps.The four application I will show you are Double-driver , Everything , Express-burn & FastStone Capture.

DoubleDriver :
Sometime we formats the  machines and due to some reasons we don't get the drivers especially in WindowsXP in some cases Windows7 too.So when we have all the drivers installed over the machine we can take their onetime backup and can restore them later this application is very handy at that time, have look on the screenshot.

Everything :
This application is my favorite one , over my PC , I have lots of, videos ,tools as well documents. So to search a specific file I need to search via the old windows search which consumes lots of time , but this application is more fast and you can say PC offline google search as you type it searches the files matching its name and extensions of files (*.xls ,*.doc,*.avi,*.divx etc), have a look at the can choose it to run on system startup by going into option ( Tools -->option -->Start Everything at startup).
This one is a lightweight utility to burn CD (CD writing app) from NCH software. Unlike many like Nero and all which need to be installed and their setup is large i.e 100+MBs while this one is mere in few Kbs. And perform all important task a cd writing need to do have a look over the screenshot.
FastStone Capture:
This app is my favorite one all the screenshot you have seen are taken by this app , its all in one app take screenshot on the scroll , full-screen or the selection and can also record the voice and screen as video , have a look at the apps snaps.

Download these portable Apps from below link.

P.S : Hope you would have liked my app pick for this post and will gets your handon over them to check which you gets into your kitty of desirable.put your verdict via your sweet comments , will glad to answer and know if you have queries.


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The Awakening

Image Source:
A new perspective
toward life has evolved,
people life has changed,
A euphoria has been created.
Young has come of ages
from their trivial ways,
to a Gandhian platform
of non-violence
for a new beginning.

The nation
as a whole has awaken.
nation owe a lot to you,
we salute you Anna,
a true Gandhian of 21st century.

World too is witnessing,
the real people power
in worlds biggest democracy,
unity in diversity
a strong message given
to those doing politics
based on religion.

The bud is finally out
after fighting hard from
its encapsulation,
still miles to go,
for a better future,
of the present
and the generations to come
to experience and real Swaraj.

The waving tri-color
looks amazing and 
feelings so great,
Slogans like
"Bharat Mata ke Jai"
"Inquilab Zindabad",
"Vande Matram"
truly displays the real BHARAT
(India , Hindustan)
Who we are ,
proud to be an Indian,
Thank you Anna,
for the awakening.

P.S : Today Anna Ended his fast on 13th day ( 28 Aug 2011).
        As Parliament passed the Jan Lokpal bill with both full
        house consensus.Now ball is the court of standing committee
        hope for the best, the real celebration will began


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The Sticky wicket

Yes you read and heard it right sticky wicket ,No I'm not in any such situation its the congress government finding themselves at the moment and not even able to make any clear decision ever since their supremo i.e remote control Sonia Gandhi is missing from the scene due to ill health.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to INDIA gate to be a part of the rally against Corruption from India gate to Ramlila Maidan , its the second time I had been involved in a rally against the Govt  and for a greater cause i.e  corruption. 1st  it was way back i.e 1997 , when at my present state ( Uttrakhand ) we were demanding for a separate state (from U.P)  , I was in Doon city that time and studies were badly affected by the movement , even corfu was imposed in my native place (Srinagar Garhwal) , but after a substantial struggle we got a separate state after 2 yrs.
Click on pics to enlarge.
India Gate
Rally gathering
Tri Color Everywhere
Rally Begins
Little Girl
People In Full flow
Kids also enjoying
In the morning yesterday , I along with my friend decided to go Ramlila maidan which we later changed  after knowing about the rally at India gate at 5 Pm.
We arrived the venue half hour early though rally started a bit late i.e 5:30 PM.
The scene was amazing never seen such a huge gathering at such a short notice wherever we one see find people with tri-color flag and banners with lots of slogans and remarks Like " Sonia Gandhi get well Soon , Rahul gandhi Yuvaoon ke neta kha gaye eid ke Moon " , "Hu ha Hu ha ..K.S Chuha ..." , there were lots of other messages too. We both were holding a Banner written "Vande Matram " on it .this we borrowed it from other in the rally was sudden didn't  an later waved the Flag.
Its a great feeling  ..that can only be felt and the +ve energy it encompassed and spread is amazing.
When we reached Ramila maidan it was almost 8:15 PM  and the entry as long it can gets a long queue.
Finally entered the Ground and found major part of it was muddy. finally reached near near Anna where he was addressing us , that we will not give up till last breath, its our pledge and we will do it for our Nation.
Anna Speaking
As  corruption is concern , I had two instances of corruption  in recent times 2008 and 2009 , in 2009 my mobile phone was stolen while I was travelling back to office , to get a duplicate sim and blocking the SIM I had to get a FIR copy from police , all behaved well , except the person who was supposed to sign it for further logging into the police record but he said , it won't be possible today as there are lots of application pending, he was clearly asking for the bribe to get it signed , since all other staff supported , but I didn't gave him a penny and went to the officer that he is not signing and finally got it done.
It was coming back from Mumbai via train I didn't got my ticket confirmed it was RAC and was very busy and late to check the status online , So took any of random seat T.T came and checked and then he asked come over here , yours is RAC ..if you want to get a seat give me Rs 500 I will arrange for a seat.. I said ok fine will give 1st give me seat, I will give you the money no worry but as I got seat I didn't gave him a penny ..he was rounding there  many time and I just keep ignoring him and giving him a stare like ..WHAT ...? . and I never give him , why I would be anyway giving no ways.

I had been supporting  this movement from the very begining  i.e 5th April 2011. Many people I found and heard of opposing it and saying such agitations are not of any significance.which means , that they have given-up  hope and also the basic fundamental rights to express and peacefully protest the Gandhian way in democracy.
Its been 42 years since this law was suggested but it never got through , as some corrupt MPs ( eg: Lalu yadav , Amar singh) don't want it to pass and so it has been pending from so long.
If we don't realise its critical importance to the Nation then we doing one of the Most Dangerous mistake of our generation which the next gen will definetly Question us about.
Its  suprising to hear that activitist , author Arudhaty roy is not in favour of Anna and the lokpal bill. I don't understand what she is looking upto then the voices will be heard.
A 74 year old a true Gandhian  has got the guts to challenge the govt and it was he who put and made the govt to make so many silly mistakes and now whole country is connecting themself to him one on sync.
Corruption is like a dirty cloth , which if washed on time will be easy and look good then when its used and used  and never washed and when washed never give any impression it was ever washed.
Our state is also same we something we have to act ..and get it done smartly.
As said  great are not those who blame others and make their ways to top but those who accept it and take failure as a lesson of life and take it as a stepping stone for further progress.
7 days of fast and governments still stands arrogantly , its time to act for them or face the anger of the people.
Meanwhile the NPRI activist Aruna roy (also a member of NAC) and team has filed a different version of Lokpal , which I don't support , only one point on PM i.e inclusion subject to some condition which I can take as add-on to Jan Lokpal and nothing else.
I would like to know your point of view on this. So I can see and asses how the blogging world is looking and reacting to it.

P.S : I Wants to write on the day i.e Sunday itself but got very tired and slept. Yesterday(Monday) I thought of writing but light played the spoil sport, coming and going , at last today morning  I got some respite to do my deed.


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Unhinged Mind

 Trying hard to connect
with inner self one on one
but failing miserably.

A vacuum created within,
every time confuses,
and further eludes 
me of my goal.

What I want or like
it never listens,           
instead looks at
illusive celluloid things
out of bound.

Are these signs
of a transformation?.

Even heart is saying trust me,
but unhinged mind is making
buzz these days ,
without any clear signs,
killing me silently.

P.S : Now a days my mind is really out of order don’t know what to do.
       So looking to find a solution. 
       Though this is my 100th post never thought it will come this way, 
       but that’s the reality of our lives which is very uncertain , what’s   
       there in store for us no one knows ,we all knows it belatedly.


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The Soul

I want to be in your garden 
of sea and sky
at dawn to walk the soul.

Desires line by line
to the heart
to be wing
in wind wave
to live in
 Aurora outfield.

I joined hands
to save you
from the sun.

Soaking the green
of your tree to make poetry
to run like a nectar of flower.

The world is joining hand
against terrorism ,
and a poet's soul
is looking for garden of friends poems,
with Silence and solitude,
saying hate , cry and hunger
will be paid with love
love and only love .

Do not fail to deliver
bouquets of poems,
before the abyss of hate
pray for peace
and embrace the light.

P.S : Hi friends , this post I wrote last Thursday night (composed after I had lots of thoughts after reading some of the posts of fellow bloggers on numerous topics), but I was feeling dizzy and sleepy and the very next day ..I got viral fever still its revolving within me , hope to get fine soon , but if that was not enough ..I got my specs lens broken in washroom :( .. but now made new one , though a bit costly but this time of fiber :) of the..most expensive weekend ..of 2011 LOL.


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Summer Heat

Pic src :
The sun
is wrapping in heat
the colors of the earth.

In the singing concert
of the sun-heated meadow
a bee
is gamboling among flowers.

A black bird
over the golden corn
is drifting like a cloud
with a rainy wing
will fly over the horizon.

leaves Trembling hands
are whispering their prayers
before the storm.

P.S : HI friends , I was really busy from last 2 months , finally I got sometime to come back to the blogosphere. thanks for visiting , though I was not here So I left a background song for you, hope you enjoyed it. willl be reading your posts shortly.


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First blogger interview

Hi Friends , hope you are having a great weekend. Today I was looking over my blog to read some of my own writing in between them I found I missed something , yes this interview which I forgot to post over here.
One of my fellow blogger Mehreen took my below interview for (Friends Meetup Party) where she selected my post Thank you ! as "Super Blogger of the Week".

1) Hi Vivek! I'm intrigued by your blog title, "Friend's Kitchen". What does it mean to you?
Well blogging and this very title happened to me by chance,  its my friend who helped me choosing this title and introduced me to blogging world.
Friends Kitchen means a lot to me ,  a space for friends to share and express and ask if they have any queries( from Information Technology perspective or other area) ,its always been a pleasant experience so far in resolving some of the friends queries , its simply like a kitchen where we put our thoughts to make brilliant dishes and acquire different perspective and practice to make ourself better in life's progression. After all life itself is a practice to enhance our inner- self for the better future.

2) What makes your blog different from the rest and what do you enjoy most about blogging?
Frankly speaking, I never write with a thought to make my blog look different, I think what one write 1st should sound good with self then others will also like it, so I  just try to write whatever thoughts keep coming to my mind  and whenever alone or sad I look back to them to relive those moments again. 
On the reactions I get from friends, 1st the title itself people often ask me about  , why such name Friends Kitchen? Secondly I think my experimentation with blog design quite often.

The most important thing I love about blogging is the freedom of expression, and this make me came across some of the wonderful blogger and the inspiration they give me is amazing. 

3) That sure is amazing! Where do you find inspiration for your posts?
Well inspiration of my post comes from my life experience, nature, friends, people around, family, you fellow bloggers and your lovely comments which inspires me, otherwise I won’t be here in 1st place, if my friend wouldn’t have introduced me here.
Initially it was tough to write as I was more comfortable to write over diary then over open space , blogging changed the way I think to be open-up enough to share what inside that’s outside, thereafter it was a smooth sailing till now.

4) We'd love to read some of your stuff Vivek. Please share your three favorite posts with us.
It’s a very tough call to choose three post as every post is special to me. Following three are my favorite post which has essence of my blog in totality (eeh sorry, rest of the posts).
1) Goodbye
2) With Love for All
3) The Ultimate Desire - A fantasy

Thank you Mehreen for choosing me as "Super Blogger of the Week".
P.S : My Interview was taken long back  i.e 2 months back, but I keep on forgetting to post it finally today I posted it.


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Lessons Learnt

Learning is a endless process which always keeps us ticking and in the process we do makes lots of mistakes and learn from them thereafter. Do you think we need to do something special to gaze them no we don't we all learn from ppl and other living creatures around us the only thing required is the undying hunger to learn. I'm sharing some of the lessons I learned from my pet.

1. Play the hand: Some of us are born into the lap of luxury; others are not. Some of us come Auto-programmed for joy, and some are less inclined toward it. Some of us are nurtured magnificently, and some are nearly ignored. Lucky was adopted when she was two. You might think she'd be sullen, unable to trust, or stuck with a bit of a chip on her canine shoulder. Not so. she was a happy little girl who seems to demonstrate that it's not what you've been given that counts-it's who you become and what you do with what you've got!

2. Be Your Self: When we adopted Lucky, we almost forgot to ask her name. The clerk rolled his eyes and said, "It's Softy, but we'd change it to Lucky, if I were you." We soon learned that this miniature white poodle was anything but Lucky. She's athletic, funny, social, and uninhibited. Possibly, she's not even a purebred poodle. The name Lucky suits her well and she sports a pony tail. No matter what others think you should be like, it's always best, to be your true self.

3. Master the basics , Eat, sleep, exercise, and connect: Lucky was never too busy to eat, too distracted to sleep, or too tired for a walk. Nor does she ever turn down an opportunity to connect. Her wagging-tail greetings, sloppy kisses, and ability to land smack in the middle of the nearest lap , escorting to the bed and sometime sleeping inside the quilt in winter are all powerful statements of just how basic the need to connect really is. And yet, in today's 24/7 world, it is often easy to forget that family and friends are actually nourishment, and a major contributor to a sense of well-being.

4. Explore : Ever curious, and smart as whip, Lucky always seems ready to explore new territory. she'll happily learn  new "tricks," check out new critters, climb  hills, or give new poses to get the attention. In life, the choice is ours: play it safe and embrace the status, or face the unknown and continue to grow. lucky would give thumps up to "Stretch."

5. Make each day great: Spontaneously, Lucky will tear through the house, barreling at a breakneck speed. Or she might unexpectedly drop her rubber football at my feet, signaling it's time for a game of fetch. When she comes in from a walk, she sits patiently, "asking" for her treat.
Do what you love, ask for what you want, and seize opportunities as they appear. Don't wait for joy to come to you; instead, seek it out every day.

P.S : It has been a long gap since I posted something over this very space , I missed it due to my engagement over a project out of town, which took most of my time , coming to hotel in evening in exhausted state ..sleep and music were two best pals to give company. Hope you all having a great time ..will be reading yours post shortly. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.I'm getting lazy this summer ..trying to get into rhythm.


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Sound Musing

The head rolls
and madness goes through.
Confused muses
draw on their axis.
Charmers dances
cover the agony of wild beasts.

Faded continents.
deal groans
crumble the sea.

Discharge of golden glow
sound and light flying
toward the virgin forest.

And nothing of calm
I sink my subterranean hand
in the in-edited
stave of your body
In mortal residence birds are singing.
Planetary Warren
subtle flesh to the winds
sound musing.

I settles down
against the time
and wait for the
arrival of a new day.

P.S : Friends thanks for voting on my previous post disqus-vs-intensedebate , finally I'm putting Intensedebate over my blog.


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DISQUS vs IntenseDebate : A Poll

Dear friends,

From last few weeks I have been experimenting with commenting section of my blog. I want to know from you , how do you find DISQUS  as well IntenseDebate , how was your experience.
I'm Putting a Poll do vote so I can add the best one. I'm adding IntenseDebate now have a look and poll.

P.S : I want to add a commenting plugin to make it a discussion type thread.


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Its time to move on

In life we come accross lots of troubles and most of them we handle quite well but getting over someone whom you know and devoted all your time for months or even years is not around you anymore , its not a walk in a park. Undergoing the process of denial after the break-up is one of the most critical phase ,the depression and anger is narural but sulking in yourself in a room or alone for a longer period then normal, while watching the world passing you by isn't healthy at all, wake up and tighten your screws to move on. We must try to follow some basic during this phase.
Cry: We must come in terms with reality and express it that you are sad and depressed , there is no point in hiding it from the world and most importantly from your own-self.lock yourself in room and cry out all the anger and hurt , by 
venting out you will definitely feel a bit lighter.
Write: When feeling low , we must write our emotional front, either over a diary or blog,by doing so we give our self-esteem a boost, and pain within get relieved somewhat.
Talk to a friend : When in a confused state and pain , its always good to talk to your best friend , about your heartbreak over a drink or a cup of tea /coffee is a great catharsis , which soothe our soul.
Don't Listen to Love Songs: As we know love songs tends to stir our  emotional side , so try not to listen.You will end up feeling like a complete loser and that's the last ting you won't like to happen.
Keep yourself busy: Try to do things that you neglected to do because you were busy with with someone else before. Try to finish the old pending project you have undertaken and on-going,read the novel. Do all the things you want to do before but were just pending because of time constraint. Organize a out of town trip with your friends or try hosting a friends get together, be with positive people and absorb positive vibes.
Reminisce: Head toward a Spa , gym or even to a parlour for a complete makeover , to a break-up sometime a perfect hair-cut can do wonders. Tell yourself , enough is enough no more you and sulking days. Its unfair for you to see him/her happy while you are still there in your room wallowing in despair.
Give yourself a treat and stop looking miserable.Try to be in present then the past , which is gone and dead now and new life is knocking your door to explored,experience different facets of life to meet with someone special again for a lifetime.
Hope cost nothing , yet at the same-time its precious , so be positive and hopeful, life do posses miraculous ability to turned the state upside down.
Don't be negative towards love , that once you get deceived its won't workout again no be positive always and be a firm believer love will find inroads in your life soon.

P.S : Just want to share the state of which anyone can be a victim. your comments over it will greatly help others to get a perspective toward life.
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