Bemused Heart

Who are you looking for, poor heart
Wonderingly staring at nothing?
I know the sweet dream is finished,
Vanished, it will never be back again.

Who are you looking for?
The little girl,
whom you spoke to of love,
was nothing but a false color,
dissolved in the reality.

You found her down there,
down that dark alley,
with her head leaning
on a wall greenish for dampness.

Do you recall?
she told you, she told you..
but you spoke to her of love
and she gave you her heart
by crying with Joy.

That very small face,
that blond hair, 
those looks,
those eyes,
who can forget?

You want to talk with those beautiful,
wide shining eyes,
those eyes are lifeless now,
gazing upon eternity.
P.S : This poem is for today's Friends Meetup Party a space for bloggers to express and share their views.. feeling etc ;).
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