The Soul

I want to be in your garden 
of sea and sky
at dawn to walk the soul.

Desires line by line
to the heart
to be wing
in wind wave
to live in
 Aurora outfield.

I joined hands
to save you
from the sun.

Soaking the green
of your tree to make poetry
to run like a nectar of flower.

The world is joining hand
against terrorism ,
and a poet's soul
is looking for garden of friends poems,
with Silence and solitude,
saying hate , cry and hunger
will be paid with love
love and only love .

Do not fail to deliver
bouquets of poems,
before the abyss of hate
pray for peace
and embrace the light.

P.S : Hi friends , this post I wrote last Thursday night (composed after I had lots of thoughts after reading some of the posts of fellow bloggers on numerous topics), but I was feeling dizzy and sleepy and the very next day ..I got viral fever still its revolving within me , hope to get fine soon , but if that was not enough ..I got my specs lens broken in washroom :( .. but now made new one , though a bit costly but this time of fiber :) of the..most expensive weekend ..of 2011 LOL.


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Summer Heat

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The sun
is wrapping in heat
the colors of the earth.

In the singing concert
of the sun-heated meadow
a bee
is gamboling among flowers.

A black bird
over the golden corn
is drifting like a cloud
with a rainy wing
will fly over the horizon.

leaves Trembling hands
are whispering their prayers
before the storm.

P.S : HI friends , I was really busy from last 2 months , finally I got sometime to come back to the blogosphere. thanks for visiting , though I was not here So I left a background song for you, hope you enjoyed it. willl be reading your posts shortly.


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