Rainy Day : A Complete Chaos

Delhi has been busy these day ...Guess ,guess for what ..hmm right for CWG 2010 , but in the midst of work.they are extending the the dead line ..and now its affecting the common man badly.

Yesterday (Thursday)It rained heavily , as its been raining from weeks , even my room at the roof was witnessing rain at its full swing water level filled  to ankle level.

Being a working day I was getting ready ..not for office but for a client visit in Gurgaon as it was planned well in advance , suddenly I got message from boss come to office ..I changed my mindset and almost was about to leave suddenly ..Boss called up and said "wait at home will let you" ..waited ...was bored of waiting tried internet but it was down since on Rainy day cable internet always goes off.. finally with mobile internet I socialize with my friends.

Around 11 PM Boss called up and said ..you may need to goto CP ..I was thrilled wow ..really then I will defintely have good time ...but it was for a while all the planning done washed away in rain ..order again came to wait sending Manoj meet him where we normally do ..to goto Gurgaon ...again in 15 min a boss called up ..you need to go by yourself ..Plan it.

I asked boss , sir its raining very hard here roads are fully submerged..and since I don't have my own conveyance so totally have to depend on PTS ..for that too I saw most of the four wheelers were having a tough time coz their vehicle got stuck see the Pics at my place.
But to get to the BUS stop , I have to do a lot of effort keeping the clothes and shoes as dry as possible then the trick of Ghajni movie came to my rescue when I was stuck at the gate whose base was fully submerged..didn't able to click pic of that ..
Finally I got A DTC A/c Bus from Safdarjung terminal To Gurgaon ..But guess what , it was a Ful Full Jam  and I reached near  Qutub metro station in 2 hrs , which normally takes 15-20 minutes, and further more It took 2 hrs more to reach the Client end ..it was so Boring to sit idle for such a long duration, did everything from calling friends and chit chatting..and listened music ..

There at the client end it took some time as they were facing some issue with our Security product , In night it was again a Jam took around 2.30 Hrs to reach home , the best part was I was in client's Cab direct to my place ..and finally reached home at 11 PM . There after had some yummy food prepared by MOM  and then some chitchat  Followed by my sweet sleep.

P.S : I'm posting this today as Yesterday I slept w/o closing this.


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O my love ,
thinking of you,
to see you again..
my eyes sees only you..
when your eyes talks,
my heart goes in complete silence,
to be with you all the time
when I don't hear from you.
memories  holds their place.

O my love 
listen to me
trust on me ..
whenever i think of you
love vibes greets my soul,
Your presence lingers me,
makes me complete.

O my love
Thinking of you,
show me your glimpse..
looking into my eyes
you wishpered some words.
and changed my life.

O my love 
give me some signs
beleive it ..
I'm In love all over again..
you are all over me..
hold me tight , hug me ..
I don't wanna miss one..

Never felt this way before.
thinking of you,
makes me dance in rain,
on a song full of life.
like a flower in breaze,
sway with me , sway with me.

listen to me 
trust on me..
it has become a irressitible habbit,
thinking of you all the time
will be good to see you again.
I see you , see you, calling me..
take me up , close your eyes
Think of me sometime..
O my love.....my lovee..love

P.S : Hi friends hope all of you doing great, wishing you a Happy Independence
       day :) from sometime I was thinking of writing a song,then I read a 
       comment from the fellow blogger over my post Goodbye to give it a song 
       feel.Tried hard over it , as poetry was not my cup tea before I joined 
       blogosphere , but gradually and slowly I found a connect , its the journey 
       to explore inner myself  ..to unwind the complexity that has encapsulated 
       within for some time.. so do correct me  ..and add give comment over it.
pic src : http://i2.squidoocdn.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/lens2574342_1235147757LoveSongs.jpg


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If I knew its goodbye,
I wish I could have been there to share last moments
I'm sure you would have lots to share
So I couldn't let this one go away.

For Sure there will be a day tommorow
for the making of an oversight,
will pray to god we get a second chance
to make everything right.

There will be another day
to pour my heart out  and say the deed,
deep core inside my heart ,
I missed you day and nyt
I feel you in the dreams I dream ,
the breath I take ,
you seemed to have been infused all over me

But if I didn't get a chance,
and today is all I have in store from god side your-way,
Then I’d like to say how much I love you
and I hope you remember the days and moments ,
from the lil fights to ; gettinfg  catty.

Whats in store , the surprise  for tomorrow no one knows
so today let be our chance to hold onto it ,
and get bathed into the memories of the past
and the present moment
 And today may be  the last chance
 You get to hold your loved one tight. 
Don't hold on for tomorrow ,
its very unpredictable , so why not today.

If the glad day(tomorrow) never comes
we might get ourself in a state of disbelife and regret,
that we couldn't take that extra step and effort
for a smile, a warm hug, or a gentle kiss,
you might be busy for sure ,
but what if this turned out one last Wish.

I will always hold onto it,
So my friend take your time ,
come-out of what you going through,
I wish i could know the reason , but thats the exception..
keeping the finger crossed , to see you back as before.

I'm may have been rude at times ,
but thata were never the intentions,
sometimes things go the other way.
I’m sorry,I hurt you at times
Please forgive me,
Thank you, or It’s okay.
whatever your take , just say it, Coz i'm holding onto it.

And if the day never comes ,
don't ever regret.
you may have some better things waiting to be explored.
I still the feels the way It was before.
It only has increased and will keep on , and will never cease.

Thanks for being such a gr8 friend.
Will be gud to see you again.
Just passing onto you a smile.. :-),
hold onto it forever.
whenever you feel bad ,
just look into mirror and smile ,
remember the best moments ,
will surely give you something to think ,
that life is not that bad as we percieve it to be ,
its as beautiful as we feel from inside.
But Now I am left with a word goodbye.

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Online Friendship : A false positive?

In this world of Inter connected network of network i.e Internet , a virtual space, which has gained momentum ever since its inception back in 90's. With gradual trasnformatopm in the technological front brought the world even closer , when initially Email were the lone source and later the messenger chat came in ...now in today scenario whole new concepts of video talk and mobile revolution has made it even more intresting.

So looking @ present picture and Social networks that are gaining lots of popularity , facebook & twitter has evolved as the centre of attraction..it made us to find our old days friends and our families ppl to be in touch.

Online friendship and dating has also gained popularity amoungs the singles ready to mingle.For me as the instance ,I've joined facebook and other social network ..more of curosity to know whats its all about ..Initially I hardly logged in ..butlater I logged in  to meet my old pals there and also few new ppl via some common ..social network interaction.

The Main focus of this post is about online friendship. How much one can  trust on someone ...prentend to be a friend , but has never met, there are lots of Flip flops in this.what I personally believe is that , we have to show our actual image who we  are, that makes us develop our friendship or relationships grow stronger.

There are some ppl who wants to take advantage , then this theory of mine fails staightaway.So what we need to do ...So testing a relation ( friendship) sometime is best to knock out the fishy thing in it, to know what actaully one made up of. And for me it worked too in many ways to find who are my true paals  and who are mean ...just doing friendship for their XYZ self intrests.Non of the methods are 100% correct , they fails too.

For example if I asked  a friend , why you are sad or not well.. one whoz not willing to reveal, says there is nothing like that while its clearly reflecting in the words or talks ..other will say it personal can't share with you as I hardly know you that well ..to share this.This feel strange but thats the reality ...of this world ..people are not open enough to share even they know person for a substancial period , whats the thing thats draws them back from being frank enough to share.

What I think , one can gaze from the 1st interaction ..howz ones nature is .. initially and gradually like other relationships this kind of relation ..(the virtual one) also grows and gains confidence. But exceptions do exhists. 

I'm Lucky I'hv got great friends online to whom I can share my heart out and get the solution of my problems at times , and trust and belief is the basis of this wonderful phenomena.
Wants to write more , but leaving something for you to say ...

Lastly I would say there are some false positives present everywhere.. irrespective of thinking too much on something irrelavalnt , in that process we are missing some true frend @ the cost of some silly Lil things.

P.S : Its just a thought .. I found a great ..live interaction tool to discuss things and meet the family and friends in personal via Video confrence .. have a look @ http://www.tokbox.com/

Pic source : http://www.impactlab.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/online_dating.jpg


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