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Hi Friends , hope you are having a great weekend. Today I was looking over my blog to read some of my own writing in between them I found I missed something , yes this interview which I forgot to post over here.
One of my fellow blogger Mehreen took my below interview for (Friends Meetup Party) where she selected my post Thank you ! as "Super Blogger of the Week".

1) Hi Vivek! I'm intrigued by your blog title, "Friend's Kitchen". What does it mean to you?
Well blogging and this very title happened to me by chance,  its my friend who helped me choosing this title and introduced me to blogging world.
Friends Kitchen means a lot to me ,  a space for friends to share and express and ask if they have any queries( from Information Technology perspective or other area) ,its always been a pleasant experience so far in resolving some of the friends queries , its simply like a kitchen where we put our thoughts to make brilliant dishes and acquire different perspective and practice to make ourself better in life's progression. After all life itself is a practice to enhance our inner- self for the better future.

2) What makes your blog different from the rest and what do you enjoy most about blogging?
Frankly speaking, I never write with a thought to make my blog look different, I think what one write 1st should sound good with self then others will also like it, so I  just try to write whatever thoughts keep coming to my mind  and whenever alone or sad I look back to them to relive those moments again. 
On the reactions I get from friends, 1st the title itself people often ask me about  , why such name Friends Kitchen? Secondly I think my experimentation with blog design quite often.

The most important thing I love about blogging is the freedom of expression, and this make me came across some of the wonderful blogger and the inspiration they give me is amazing. 

3) That sure is amazing! Where do you find inspiration for your posts?
Well inspiration of my post comes from my life experience, nature, friends, people around, family, you fellow bloggers and your lovely comments which inspires me, otherwise I won’t be here in 1st place, if my friend wouldn’t have introduced me here.
Initially it was tough to write as I was more comfortable to write over diary then over open space , blogging changed the way I think to be open-up enough to share what inside that’s outside, thereafter it was a smooth sailing till now.

4) We'd love to read some of your stuff Vivek. Please share your three favorite posts with us.
It’s a very tough call to choose three post as every post is special to me. Following three are my favorite post which has essence of my blog in totality (eeh sorry, rest of the posts).
1) Goodbye
2) With Love for All
3) The Ultimate Desire - A fantasy

Thank you Mehreen for choosing me as "Super Blogger of the Week".
P.S : My Interview was taken long back  i.e 2 months back, but I keep on forgetting to post it finally today I posted it.


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