Happy Holi

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Eternal Love

When I open my book ,
I see the ivy climbed up along my window sill
Expressing by writing to you ,
is the only window of my emotion ,
searching & browsing…
but when I turned my head back ,
you have already lifted up the curtain & went away silently….

The wind bells are swaying & ringing …..
telling you clearly my feeling ,
When I was thinking of you ,
the fine rain was knocking my window
and falling leaves together,
with my mood were always assembled in front of my window,
giving you superior performance on the spot.

When I am writing for you,
the noise from outside is always blocked
by melody of the old songs and light ,
in front of my window are always covered by ur dark long hair.

I cannot touch you ,
I cannot reach you ,
for me now are your voice
and mails you sends have been taped in the cassette of my mind, 
yet I see you in the things I do..
in the eyes I shed,
in the dreams I dream.

More often in the midst of the work ,
I stop & reflect upon ur words ,
I now see you in a different light.
Your words are the very essence of wisdom ,
you who loved me let share this secret ,
was there also a voice in the past ,
whose words were taped in the cassette of your mind
But hey dear there are still the dreams to dreams ,
the love to love ,
I will meet you again which we called Eternity.

P.S : This poem is actually written 6 years back for my best
       friend.You will find this in my 1st post as well,
       but I thought of putting it in a Poem format.


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For You

  With Love,
  Together we dancing one-on one.
  Looking up above at night sky and back into sea
  saw moon dancing with its waves.

  One moon for the thousands waves coming ,
  and I saw the earth is just looking @ both
  and enjoying the moment to cherish it into history,
  when someone will look again ,
  to make thousand possible words each having u as the epicenter.

  I saw a Flower also joined the group ,
  I pluck it to offer you , blossom whenever we soar

  Now looking @ the lovely phenomena ,
  how the stars will left behind.
  Stars filled the Sea with full vibrant lights ,
  just giving a perfect impression of diamonds sparkling 4ever.

  The distant earthy bodies(meteors)in the universe too joined 
  the eve ,and sparkled the Sky with their bright light ,
  adding spontaneity to it.

  Finally the time of the eve ,
  draws towards a finishing touch ,
  to say one thing Love will be same,
  it will just transform from one form to another.
  Love for you will remain the same.

  P.S: I wrote the poem today , looking into life differenct 
        facets and finding the common connection.


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Pidgin over Redhat Linux Finally Successful :)

One of my close friend told me to find out an application which have chat facility like gtalk , yahoo msn etc..over Linux platform.And gave me the name GAIM , which after googling came out to be PIDGIN.

Finally , I thought of installing it over Linux via VMware medium. I tried for 2 consecutive days when free ,I struck @ dependencies which were required to install Pidgin Libpurple , so no luck over it.

But Later out of 4 dependencies I left with 1 critical dependencies , which was harder to get , so I left in the middle as nothing seems happening as the package that has that dependencies library has other trivial dependencies , which made me sick.

Then one day My friend messaged me @ FB that what happened ..to the promise ? and I messaged back saying Ask your Sir for the same i.e "libnssutil3.so" dependency how to resolve it.

Then I thought of giving one more short, Finally by luck , I was successful. I installed Firefox rpm fedora package and it worked , but; later pigin was unable to load due to ..some Plug-in issue , but after googleing it was finally done and working.

Following is the procedure in detail how to proceed with the installation.

STEP 1 : Download "pigdin.repo" from this link.

STEP 2 : COPY the above to  "/etc/yum.repos.d/".

STEP 3  : Now you need to have following RPMs i.e
1) cyrus-sasl-md5-2-1.22-4.i386.rpm

2) libsilc-1.0.2-2.fc6.i386.rpm

ftp://ftp.ntua.gr/pub/linux/centos/5.4/os/i386/CentOS/libsilc-1.0.2-2.fc6.i386.rpm .
3) firefox-3.6.tar.bz2

4) fedora-bookmarks-8-1.noarch.rpm

5) firefox-3.6-1.fc8.remi.i386.rpm

ftp://ftp.pbone.net/mirror/rpms.famillecollet.com/fedora/8/remi/i386/firefox-3.6-1.fc8.remi.i386.rpm .
6) gstreamer-tools-0.10.20-3.el5.i386.rpm

7) gstreamer-0.10.20-3.el5.i386.rpm

8) gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10.20-3.el5.i386.rpm

9) gstreamer-plugins-good-0.10.9-1.el5_3.1.i386.rpm


STEP 4: Uninstall older version of firefox , search for the build ( rpm -q firefox) and then uninstall ( rpm -e " firfox - XXX.rpm" )

STEP 5:Now install the above rpms using the command " rpm -ivh "rpm name"
STEP 6: For firefox-3.6.tar.bz2 , just type "tar -xvf firefox-3.6.tar.bz2

in the terminal.Copy the extracted " firefox" folder to " /opt/ " then click on application menu right click and click " add this to panel or desktop" then  right click on respective icon over desktop and panel and click on "properties" and replace the "Command" with "/opt/firefox/firefox".

STEP 7: install 6 , 7 , 8  and 9 rpm's using following command.

     sudo rpm -U gstreamer-tools-0.10.20-3.el5.i386.rpm

     sudo rpm -U gstreamer-0.10.20-3.el5.i386.rpm

     sudo rpm -U gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10.20-3.el5.i386.rpm

    sudo rpm -U gstreamer-plugins-good-0.10.9-1.el5_3.1.i386.rpm

. Now  goto  via terminal  to  "/etc/yum.repos.d" 

            and type  "Yum install pidgin".And Now your
            installation of pidgin will start and you are now done.

When installation finishes type "pidgin"  the GUI of pidgin will open to make you configure a/c of gtalk , yahoo etc..

Gud Luck !!!  3 Cheers ..to you ..

With Love 


P.S : This has been Tested over RED HAT LINUX Enterprise Version 5.0, Please Let me know if you faces any Issue , write over the " TALK TO ME" section or Just leave comment to this post. 


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An Endless Wait ...


Longing my Life with keen intent ,
commited in making the best of what obtained..
Bent in giving a full scale welcome for you ..
I waited  hoping you will surely turned up..this evening..

I waited patiently looking for you , hours did
slip by gruesomely ,and I yawned very restlessly.

At last the evening arrive and found you still
missing from the scene , my heart told me to
hold on and to relax thatyou will surely arrive.

As I gazed at distant palms counting time very
helplessly , hours past but your presence still

I waited for your call , you didn't turned up
this way aswell,the time trickled very slowly ,
but my impatience did mount.

I thought of giving you a call , but hold back
as you asked not to do so ..I was left with
very lil options.

Then I explained myself , that you might be in
some other situation that is making you to be
this way ..so I start walking ...and the endless
wait ..continued ..


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Ultimate Happiness

Today (12 feb) was one of the most wonderful day of my life , I was so happy .. that i forget everything I was in, and just  enjoyed the moments , though very little. You know why coz I'm back into my elements which was missing from long time , and what more better it can be den, great of day maha Shiv ratri , Lord Shiva has always been my energy booster , whenver i'hv been into any bad mood or shape ...when I interact with him , my soul gets bathed with more enthusiasm ,joy , energy , love n passion.

Today was a special day as I felt like , I'm blessed and Lord is just showing his brillance , by just making me dance to his beats ...as if a child ...runs behind a kite when it falls from above..

And as day progressed the rain started , which refreshed my soul and memory and fruits which we all eat..but that was some kind of ..wonderful  ..feeling.. seemed I just went into the childhood. I went to mother dairy has beears and then has them , but the only thing I stopped ..doing is fasting ..but god brilliance is still same ..he only values ...and looks into our heart and eyes to see how we are then how we are doing for his excilency.....

Then I paused and asked god , what you took so long ...why you comes so late....god keep smiling .. I was amazed ..how patiently  listening ...to my way of out Q's but ...lastly I find ..the magical glimpse of a amazing kind....making heart go ....ga ga..over it.

later I got a call from my lovely sister and then friend on how I'm , as I was not well from last 3 days ..due to cold n some fever. But today was the day when everything was dismissed for a Zero..and even didn't felt I was so.

Finally I interacted with some of the friends online ..who are my best buddies ...

And now I'm writing  he he ....but not before ....i will also completed some of my 2mru's office work.

Oh I forgot I have to eat  ..hmm let me have my Food ...too late ..but when it comes to food its never too late ryt ha ha..will be back .... when ...the mood will be @ its best ... hey ....it can be bad ..but don't worry ..it will be gud only that will come out ...till then ..you wait ...  see you ..soon.

And hey ...I love you ...Mom ..miss you ..today ......you are my star ..I always ..looks at..


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The journey has just begun
I know the ultimate stage is death
before reaching that stage
Will ask the god to forgive
for all I did wrong , knowingly n unknowingly
Before my final breath.

Many thinking my journey has ended
why not they will be thinking ,
After all I'm finding myself in no man's land.
But the insight telling something else
i.e the bud of the Journey will blossom soon.

The glad day is just round the cornert
to unfold the message of hope,
telling me its iternal struggle of life
For every one young and old.

But I belive him , the almighty will surely
pass on the energy that has ...gone silent,
to life journey of contstant faith and trust,
I love you so much.


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If I knew it's our last hi ,
I wish I would be there to share the moment,
well , I’m sure you will have so much to share
so I couldn't  let this one go away.

For Sure there will be a day tommorow
for the making of an oversight,
will pray to god we get a second chance
to make everything right.

There will be another day
to pour my heart out  and say the deed,
deep core inside my heart ,
I missed you day and nyt
I feel you in the dreams I dream ,
the breath I take ,
you seemed to have been infused all over me

But if I didn't get a chance,
and today is all I have in store from god side yourway,
Then I’d like to say how much I love you
and I hope you remember the days and moments , 
from the lil fights to ; gettinfg  catty.

What in the store , the surprise  for tomorrow no one knows
so today let be our chance to hold onto it , 
and get bathed into the memories of the past 
and the present moment And today may be  the last chance You get to hold your loved one tight. Don't hold on for tomorrow ,
its very unpredictable , so why not today.

If the glad day(tomorrow) never comes
we might get ourself in a state of disbelife and regret,
that we couldn't take that extra step and effort
for a smile, a warm hug, or a gentle kiss,
you might be busy for sure , 
but what if this turned out one last Wish.

I will always hold onto it,
So my friend take your time ,
come-out of what you going through,
I wish i could know the reason , but thats the exception..
keeping the finger crossed , to see you back as before.

I'm may have been rude at times ,
but that was never the intentions,
sometimes things go the other way.
I’m sorry,I hurt you at times
Please forgive me,
Thank you, or It’s okay.
whatever your take , just say it, Coz i'm holding onto it.

And if the day never comes , don't ever regret.
May be I'm not that gud for you ,
or you have some better things waiting to be explored.
I still the feels the way It was before.
It only has increased and will keep on , and will never cease.

Thanks for being such a gr8 friend.
Will be gud to see you again.
Just passing onto you a smile.. :-), hold onto it forever.
whenever feel not gud look into mirror and smile and remember the best moments will surely give you some think to think about that life is not that bad as we percieve it to be ,
its as beautiful as we feel from inside.

P.S : The above poem is dedicared to all my friends, close to me.
        I'm sorry if I hurt you feelings in anyway. put your comments
        if you feel. I would be happy to reply on that.


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