Sound Musing

The head rolls
and madness goes through.
Confused muses
draw on their axis.
Charmers dances
cover the agony of wild beasts.

Faded continents.
deal groans
crumble the sea.

Discharge of golden glow
sound and light flying
toward the virgin forest.

And nothing of calm
I sink my subterranean hand
in the in-edited
stave of your body
In mortal residence birds are singing.
Planetary Warren
subtle flesh to the winds
sound musing.

I settles down
against the time
and wait for the
arrival of a new day.

P.S : Friends thanks for voting on my previous post disqus-vs-intensedebate , finally I'm putting Intensedebate over my blog.


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DISQUS vs IntenseDebate : A Poll

Dear friends,

From last few weeks I have been experimenting with commenting section of my blog. I want to know from you , how do you find DISQUS  as well IntenseDebate , how was your experience.
I'm Putting a Poll do vote so I can add the best one. I'm adding IntenseDebate now have a look and poll.

P.S : I want to add a commenting plugin to make it a discussion type thread.


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Its time to move on

In life we come accross lots of troubles and most of them we handle quite well but getting over someone whom you know and devoted all your time for months or even years is not around you anymore , its not a walk in a park. Undergoing the process of denial after the break-up is one of the most critical phase ,the depression and anger is narural but sulking in yourself in a room or alone for a longer period then normal, while watching the world passing you by isn't healthy at all, wake up and tighten your screws to move on. We must try to follow some basic during this phase.
Cry: We must come in terms with reality and express it that you are sad and depressed , there is no point in hiding it from the world and most importantly from your own-self.lock yourself in room and cry out all the anger and hurt , by 
venting out you will definitely feel a bit lighter.
Write: When feeling low , we must write our emotional front, either over a diary or blog,by doing so we give our self-esteem a boost, and pain within get relieved somewhat.
Talk to a friend : When in a confused state and pain , its always good to talk to your best friend , about your heartbreak over a drink or a cup of tea /coffee is a great catharsis , which soothe our soul.
Don't Listen to Love Songs: As we know love songs tends to stir our  emotional side , so try not to listen.You will end up feeling like a complete loser and that's the last ting you won't like to happen.
Keep yourself busy: Try to do things that you neglected to do because you were busy with with someone else before. Try to finish the old pending project you have undertaken and on-going,read the novel. Do all the things you want to do before but were just pending because of time constraint. Organize a out of town trip with your friends or try hosting a friends get together, be with positive people and absorb positive vibes.
Reminisce: Head toward a Spa , gym or even to a parlour for a complete makeover , to a break-up sometime a perfect hair-cut can do wonders. Tell yourself , enough is enough no more you and sulking days. Its unfair for you to see him/her happy while you are still there in your room wallowing in despair.
Give yourself a treat and stop looking miserable.Try to be in present then the past , which is gone and dead now and new life is knocking your door to explored,experience different facets of life to meet with someone special again for a lifetime.
Hope cost nothing , yet at the same-time its precious , so be positive and hopeful, life do posses miraculous ability to turned the state upside down.
Don't be negative towards love , that once you get deceived its won't workout again no be positive always and be a firm believer love will find inroads in your life soon.

P.S : Just want to share the state of which anyone can be a victim. your comments over it will greatly help others to get a perspective toward life.
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