Installing Windows XP and 7 via USB

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When we thinks of formatting our machine and re-installing the OS , most of the time we don't have spare DVD/CD with us or software image file.
But if we have Usb stick we can install Operating system , by making USB bootable.

Follow the below procedure to Install windows XP/Vista/windows7.

Requirement :

1) USB Stick - 1 GB ( XP) , 4GB ( Windows7)

2) RMPrepUSB - Tool

3) OS ISO (Image).

4) Magic Disk

Download Magic disk :

For windows7


Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista

Download Bootable USB Tool

Step 1 : Install Magic disk

Step 2 : Mount the ISO image over virtual CD/ROM

Step 3 : Plugin the USB Stick and backup data in it before formatting.

Step 4 : Run the RMPrepUSB.bat file from RMPrepUSB folder.

Follow the step by step procedure in image below ( Click to enlarge)

 OR -> XP

Step 5 : Now boot the machine and press F12 to choose the booting media and from navigation keys slect removal storage and system will boot from  USB stick and OS installation will start.

P.S: Just experimented over my system last week and it worked :).
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