Unhinged Mind

 Trying hard to connect
with inner self one on one
but failing miserably.

A vacuum created within,
every time confuses,
and further eludes 
me of my goal.

What I want or like
it never listens,           
instead looks at
illusive celluloid things
out of bound.

Are these signs
of a transformation?.

Even heart is saying trust me,
but unhinged mind is making
buzz these days ,
without any clear signs,
killing me silently.

P.S : Now a days my mind is really out of order don’t know what to do.
       So looking to find a solution. 
       Though this is my 100th post never thought it will come this way, 
       but that’s the reality of our lives which is very uncertain , what’s   
       there in store for us no one knows ,we all knows it belatedly.


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