Zero day Vulnerability found in Microsft's Windows MHTML renderer

Microsoft has just released security advisory 2501696 ,after acknowledging a new zero day vulnerability in all current versions of Windows except Server Core. The vulnerability appears to allow maliciously infected web pages to execute code in any "zone" regardless of which zone is specified.

Applications which uses Microsoft's HTML renderer can be attacked including Internet Explorer, but applications that always open web content in the "Restricted zone" are not affected including Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail.

There is always a POC (proof of concept) going on in the wild to look into the loop holes of Microsoft Application as well operating system.
So its a matter of time when the news spread to the Malware writers and hackers to take advantage of this MS Zero day vulnerability.

Microsoft has provided a Fix it tool that allows you to apply their recommended settings without doing any manual work over the group policies as well as over registry.

P.S : Friends spread this message to your friends.


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Configure Facebook to use SSL encryption (https secure browsing)

Facebook is now allowing users to choose full SSL/HTTPS encryption throughout their session to prevent their accounts from being compromised through unencrypted WiFi using tools like Firesheep.

Have a look into the video on how to configure ( enable) SSL/Htttps in your facebook A/c.

So get Set go :).

P.S : I really thanks Sophos ( for taking the initiative in the process of securing users privacy as well security.


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Paddling back into Childhood Adventures

In life's progression from the very birth to last stop , we do a lot of adventurous things, looking back I did find some that I will be sharing today.
As promised to one my fellow blogger A-Musing , for me from early childhood till now its all about my sudden mood swings and the moments which drives me insane most of the time.
Looking back into the childhood days , where life seems to be very charming and inspirational as the only things in mind were to enjoy it,there was no pressure to do something extraordinary , but there has been a constant lecture from parents to make me to sense my responsibilities , but I had some other aspiration to achieve , whatever comes in mind I do it.

For instance it was some 21 yrs back (Hometown) when a Idea came into my mind to test how much everybody loves me , So to do so ..I hide myself in the window in such a fashion that no one can search me out was summer days too hot when the time for lunch approached , mom and all started searching for me ..well all came near to me shouting my nick name , but all their effort went into vein as I was not moved by this some more fun ..for that mom also went all over the fields to check where I may be most probably , and came back home and said she saw snakes and reptiles on the way and was very much worried about me ..hmm looking at the progress I was in 2 minds to go out and give a surprise and second one a big no, since the chances to getting a strong welcome by a slap was more on cards i thought to wait for some more time ...and later came out .. then was obvious I had a warm welcome with a dashing slap and was sunned by it , later i told everything for what I did I never stop laughing ...on that .how i did it .

Second instance was back in 1993 when I was in Punjab with my uncle and aunt, one day uncle and aunt went to a marriage though I was supposed to go with them but I'm kind didn't like the Marriage things , so I choosed to be back home ,so I was left alone  with a cook who will cook for me, with him while talking I bet that I can eat a whole chicken at a one time ; the very next day I didn't had my meals and in the night I asked brother to prep prep it for me in a special manner i.e baked it in the oven  having chicken inside banana leaf and spices all over ,that day I don't know .i managed to eat the whole chicken w/o any much difficulty as it was only food I had for the day. During the meal the only portion of chicken that troubled me is the neck it had only bones which were harder to chew.

Third instance was during day of learning bicycle , and cycle was much higher in height for me to handle , so one day i was crossing the main road and suddenly i lost my control over pedal and I caught myself in the middle of the road in awkward position , then there was a Ambassador car cruising toward me , I was having my heart beat high as if i try to do something i will fall in the road and what to do nothing came to my mind i thought its best to stand still and when the car will pass-by will do my bit , but then car was almost had me it was coming @ high speed i thought this is my last moment Bhagwaan ko yaad kar loon .. then it strike my cycle and I fell down and I get busy with rearranging the handle of cycle in the meanwhile the car driver parked कार at one side and came ..Like I had crushed his car , and all from nowhere slapped me so hard ..I still feel the pain ..its seems funny at this point of time but @ that time it was very embarrassing ..I would have reacted smartly by running from there but I never expected that he will come and do this to a little kid and later when i reached home all said from where did you have these marks over you cheeks , I said just fell in Bush on cheek side. If I would have said that my cycling would has been banned.

Fourth instance later in the same context (cycling) later when I was cycling @ IMA( Indian Military Academy) road, there was a steep cut in I shape and in a fraction of a second I turned my cycle without giving a thought to it , cycle was on top gear high speed and turn was very sharp heart was beating fast as I thought I will surely get hurt as brakes of my cycle failed too , I closed my eyes and tilted my cycle in such a way to avoid the most probable disaster of banging my head onto the wall ..I felt a substantial delay and nothing happened and when I opened my eyes and saw i made a perfect turn , finally I took a long breath and thanked god. But the question remained in my mind how I escaped from this w/o getting hurt and later during my education I found that its the centripetal acceleration that made me to take that sharp turn just via some degrees.

Fifth one , it was during my 10th board exam time and exams center was in interior of Dehradun (Hathibarkala center school) , and it was my last paper i.e of science. My brother used to  drop me to the center, but that day we got a bus going toward the same school and upon asking they said "yes it going there common come over ". I took it and when I came out I found myself in different center , I got in a big fix as there was very few vehicles plying by , asked for a lift but no one gave..ask the student there but no one came to my rescue time was passing by 30 min were left "I said will give you money for this my one year will get wasted." please .help one came heart beat got much fast Dhak Dhak, then One Brother came there over scooter and I asked him,and he agreed , he told me he came to get the LPG gas cylinder, but said "yours is more important", so sit I will drop you there. it was simply a new life to my dying believe to make to exam hall , I said bhai you helped me you helped me in my dying state , please accept this small sum of money and have some chocolates but he said no, he said" it was my duty to help you and go your exam is gonna to start soon  all the best .."and he went.This incident has the deepest impact on me and you know I get highest marks in this science paper than any other.

The last and final one of my school days back in hometown (Srinagar Garhwal), it was 12th Board time , all the syllabus was completed and we were in class after recess some of of class mates went to the principle sir to grant permission to go home , and we were granted permission , but some of the class mates decided against it and remained in class we all left home day after morning assembly we all were summoned in the class by our class teacher and asked who went home yesterday stand-up , it was January time like too cold foggy weather ..and Sir had sticks in his hands waiting for getting started ..and its all stated 5 sticks per student many sticks broken still the rule remains the same , stick was striking the palm and thumb area initially it pained during 1st  2 stick then rest three were just taken as they were presented...but later the pain was unbearable ..most of us were in saddest mood ..I was the lone crying ..I suppose though I was laughing In between as it was funny too , we never saw such aggression from Sir. As we didn't asked him , so we got the Gifts.But It was a different kind of experience all together.

These are some of the childhood adventures I mostly look back at times ..if you have some of yours, do share will be great.

P.S : Tomorrow I'm going for a special thing , just need your wishes, If through it will dinitely share it, though I didn't prep for it lets see how it goes.


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Windows Internal Error 2738 : Solved

I faced this error lots of time ,it comes normally when we tries to install application and 

the files required for the application to install are not registered over that machine. 

I did search google for this , but didn't get any solution that could solve it.
But after analysing the event viewer , I get more insight of it.
So whenever if you got an error do check the event-viewer,it gives a lots of clue from it.

Here is the solution to this error ,which gets resolved by just registring following DLL.

Click Start > Run
Type the following one by one
regsvr32 /s jscript.dll
regsvr32 /s vbscript.dll
regsvr32 /s wshom.ocx'
regsvr32 /s msxml3.dll
regsvr32 /i /s shell32.dll

All the other internal errors are resolved by registering above dlls.

P.S : If you have any issue do let me know by commenting or writing over Talk to Me section


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Dreams Meet

 There is a photograph ,
white roses for the background
you having your dress decorated with flowers
and  some colorful butterflies …
this photograph I found
in the dream I dreamed ,
downloaded into the heart ,
Browsing through my eyes ,
you looked so gorgeous

You hide yourself for a long time
and finally today I saw you by god's grace
god is great ,so are his creations
what can be more fascinating
than meeting you…
The glad day finally arrived 
embraced by the sky ,
filled with flowers ,
the greenery of trees
celebrating this very moment.

your smile with infinite compassion
will forever be a expert in the art of happiness.
Your gentle smiling face is like the sun,
illuminating a brilliance of joy.

I'm adorning your inner beautiful palace
with  such priceless gems .
The sun and the twinkling stars shine brightly
all heavenly deities will protect you.
In search of you dream meet was heart touching.

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Population Control ;)

                                  Girl : Hi boy !
                              Boy : Hey Hi  , after a long time?
                              Girl : Yes.
                              Girl : So , whatz up ?
                              Boy: Nothing , just checking mails and updating a/c.
                              Girl : Hmm I see
                              Boy: whats did you saw.
                              Girl : a lot.
                              Boy : hmmmmm..
                              Girl : So you have 4 children .. ahem ahem. 
                                      how did you manage them.? didn't thought of 
                                      population control.
                              Boy : haha , Frankly no children as of now.
                              Girl : How come? your status says you are married!?
                              Boy : its a better way of population control :) isn't it ?.


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A 3 Days Affair :))

last weekend was very Special to me and for the people around me.
Guess guess whats so special about it ..?
Since Friday till Sunday it has been a great going for me.
It was my Birthday on 7th Jan ,turned 28 , which started with a bang... Lots of sms and message of friends over social network pouring ..I was on cloud 9 , As I never thought of getting such surprises of Lovely wishes.
These are some of the precious gifts I look for more than any other.
Since my younger brother Birthday falls a day after mine i.e 8th Jan we always celebrate together on 8th Jan.
But we both extended our Birthday by 1 day ..and celebrated it on Sunday as well..though we did celebrated on 7th and 8th ..but since our sister couldn't able to make to the celebration we celebrated on Sunday.

Before that on 8th I had a great time with my friends, we had made a plan well in advance to have a meet on this day as one of my friend (Prabhjot) has got Job in central bank of India CBI , so he was giving us treat.

So we 3 ( Me , Praveen and Prabhjot) met in Cannaught place , day was foggy as usual ...and as expected in starting week of January.
though we had put a event over Facebook for the meet but no one turned up , I think others were caught in cold delima go or not.

Following are some of the pics:

 Me and my younger brother
Cake(Chocolate and Nuts)
 Me and Praveen
 Me and Prabhjot
 Praveen and Prabhjot
India Gate
Last Sunshine

Later we cut cake , but as prabhjot has some work , we did it in a hurry ..near CP metro station , there after prabhjot left and we both went to India Gate.
Spent sometime over there breeze was flowing ..later it got strong ..and then we  finally left to our respective home.

On Sunday my sister along with Brother-in-law came , and then we have some belated celebration of Birthdays of both.
Day temp around 4-5 Degrees had pakodas of different types , mom made for us ..and we all were in quilt as it was damn cold , didn't have pics of that as ..didn't felt clicking ..too Lazy of me 

P.S :This post I wrote on Sunday evening ...was too lazy too post ,
       PC waiting since 2 months get operational 


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You said "I love you"
I did not heard that

you touched me
I did not feel your touch

Eyes are dazed
just giving a glimpse
of  sun and moon meeting
in total eclipse.

you must  see , 
give me some clues
to undo kleptography.

P.S : While googling for cryptography , I came across this term kleptography , after thinking for a while a scene get displayed so just penned down , though I was confused over the title later i.e either  Total eclipse or kleptography but later prevailed :)


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