Welcome Back MOM :)

MY Mom is finally back, and I'm so happy she will be here till next april or so.
Its been 2 weeks since my lil bro left for native to get back mom with us, since
it has been raining continually there for some 4-5 days last week and since its
Hilly region.And road is the only way of transport, due to lots of landslides , 
it took him 2 days to reach home.Tried calling him many times but no communication 
since there was no electricity and Mobile was discharged.We have another home in town
( Srinagar Garhwal) , before my native place which is abt 50 Km.tried calling there 
as well but no one had any clue where they are?.

And later while coming back , there was another landslide in the way , for which they have to travel 5-6 km  on foot with luggage.On Thursday I got a call that they has left for Delhi , but in afternoon I got a call from lil bro that they are stuck at another landslide from both ends..
I thought they will be reaching home late ..but there was no news of them, I  was well prepared to welcome them with Good dinner, they didn't came whole night.
I was trying their cell No lots of time but no connect it was really frustrating that time as 
lots of wrong thoughts were coming in minds. 

But Finally get a call in next Morning i.e Friday that they are coming ..
I was very eager to come home early but things happened somewhat this way that ..I had to go on a client visit ,where I get late.
I Reached Home late , and saw a surprise my sister along with her husband were 
also present.We had a great dinner which , my sister brought from home.

After sometime sister left for home.
we had a chit chat on whole story , how n when ..what happened n all.
Mom also brought some of my favorites Like Rote , Peach , pears and Koada (brown color Flour).
So I'm very happy , as mom is finally with us..
Its been a long time since we had Ghar ka Khaana ( Homemade food).

So its just lovely feeling :)

Welcome back ...MOM :).

Love you !

With Love 



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Irresistible Habit

You unlike others,
never wore a mask.
Your simplicity differentiate you
 from millions.
Your bright and expressive eyes , 
gives glimpses of  tomorrow.

It feel like ,
I can climb the highest mountain
and can swim across the ocean
to win my love , I see in you.

Our love is based on truth , 
belief and respect.
Makes its courageous and stronger. 
My love for you is pure.

You are my song of life
which infuse my world with happiness
and make my heart sing and dance on its beat.
Now its an irresistible habit ...
to be irresistibly desired.

P.S : Just trying to give a glimpse of Love and its eternal  saga of inheritance...

Pic source : http://www.cycleworldshop.co.uk/images/cycle/New%20Habit%20Logo.jpg    http://api.ning.com/files/MtSEQfjWZLLVwng2JhgWtVzcLlgO8PUUNuTKTpEzqxHal3qUbjDhLb3iGcLmQwIXnsT0JlfZ8zcfxPCKYEU-D6x12z6S1ft8/Mike_by_RideFire.jpg


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Freeze - lovely song :)

Hold the pose, a perfect picture
Just so I remember how you're looking tonight
Let it go, now the days gone
Standing in the dark, although we've turned on the lights

Tonight we will deny, that time is passing by
It's leaving you and I to...

A moment, its never been better
All over, we won't last forever
You said that you're sorry for pushing me
But then smiled when I opened my eyes
I'm gonna
A moment, while we're together

Keep the peace, by gones be gone
Coming up the rain under the life that we've made
Under here, we're not so soft
Forgiving the feeling that we put on parade

Tonight we will deny, that time is passing by
It's leaving you and I to...

A moment, its never been better
All over, we won't last forever
You said that you're sorry for pushing me
But then smiled when I opened my eyes
I'm gonna
A moment, while we're together

Don't stop, gotta know what you got
There's no second chances in life
Don't break, gotta give what you take
With you

A moment, its never been better
All over, we won't last forever

A moment, its never been better
I Freeze
All over, we won't last forever
You looked at me with the truth in your eyes
And you said it's ok, you can go
I'm gonna
This moment, while we're together

A moment ..

Listen to Song below 
Download : Freeze
P.S : Today , I was searching some new song and I come across above song ,
       I just listen for a few seconds ..was looking a high tone @ ..one moment
       but slowly and slowly listening to lyrics I fall in love with this Song completely.
       Hats off to such fabulous Lyrics and song also sung so beautifully by
       JORDIN SPARKS.Just want to share with you frnds .hope you also like this
       beautiful after few ..tries ;). Listen to it. :)

Pic Source : http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2629/3916024616_c5dbe84238.jpg


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Born to be a Vegetarian

Its a story of a born vegetarian , a boy ..who always wants to be a vegetarian ..but when  lil boy reached the age of 3 , his parent started his journey from Veg to Non-veg.( Soup of Fish curry)...still fresh in boys memory and from that day , there was change in the boy ..and his mouth was also going through a transformation phase milk took replaced by new one.

Being in Nature , boy do find a connect , but something was there within that was making him feel , why  the goats ,chickens and fish has to die to meet our food requirement..coz they don't show resistance ..or since they are easy targets. Both options hold good ..

One day Boy decided go to the sacred place where goats were sacrificed and people says , Gods will be happy after goats sacrifice..Boy was not convinced by this .. belief , who gave us rights to take lives of living beings.

Though Boy used to eat non-veg ..the Journey was already started.But something always keeps him in pool of thoughts always.Since it was a village , life was ..very ...kool and happening and full of Joys ..Looking at grazing cow nearby  and just looking @ her seems so innocent when she gave a staring look at us.. a touch on cow head gives different feel a mutual .. understanding that ...we are ..not gonna harm and will definitely protect ( and a special feel when she says Maa..).

Now a change came in boys life and he decided to look @ towns life how it is different from his own native place.... the boy 1st reaction was Yaak..is this you calls .the town ..My village was much better than this ..Slowly gradually boy started ..adapting himself to the new sphere ..new environment with very Less nature connect.

Studies were also going great ..and much needed transformation was on its way..but the hesitancy came as ..what people will think ..but later mellowed down....as the Journey keep on progressing ..Boy has to do a lots of balances ..coz of the roaming profile...

Finally the time was there knocking doors to happen that changed boy's life...
One day Boy invited his friend to his home ..for playing , basically air-gun to hit the target.But a Pigeon came to the lawn and boy tried to target pigeon but couldn't pull the trigger as it was mind jammed no action whatever taken, it was not about the weak heart but the fear of loosing a beautiful creature was boggling in mind.

Another day ...in a co-incidence another bird came  and in fun during the target hitting session ..boy asked his friend to just shoot ..in random ...whatever can he get...in lawn ..but that hit the bird in eye ..and both frnds were in complete shock what they did , and how it happened..

This incident has such a impact on boy that he decided to Quit ..Non-veg... though for the boy it was not a easy decision to make @ the age of 14 , to many temptations ..but the pledge taken once can't be..broken . people in family were scolding like anything but that pledge was more firm within no one can sway the pendulum  ...and slowly and gradually boy turned Pure veg .. and now if boy look at ppl who are pure opposite ..he ..feel yaak again .. and the Questions Pops up ..Oh how u eats all this ..don't you 
feel its wrong ..?

Then its people turn to say , oh you poor you only have grass for the day...well who is poor ..all knows ..hehe...

Looking at the Demand in mkt for Non-veg the effect is very clear and alarming too the chicken farm are developing chicks @ 20 days then normal 40 days natural cycle..via some hormones ...injections ..in them ...food adulteration is everywhere and is very dangerous for a regular non-veg ...being a Veg is a 
safe bet ...Believe me.

I being Veg ...Loves my life as it is ...though ..ppl do ask to go Non-veg ..but ..how can its possible now ..no more.
So a Message crisp and clear go green , go vegetarian :).
Hope you like my company some day :).

P.S : looking for your ...true selfless comments. :)

Pic source : http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y152/boo_licious/misc4/VegetarianThaliSet.jpg


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Self Introspection

Where Shall it be 
when I won't be here ?
whom my memories will be remebered..
where will my best vibrations,
silent poems over me,
my slowly dying self will be looked upon,
where my crystal clear interior
and the struggle for feeling alive, and giving other inspiration,
my real life ignorance of this world will vanish?

I know these roads,
Instead Of following them , I would ask myself where I'm now..
If ever I've been into  this world!.
Too Mean...taking breath ,
sounds like life is borrowed 
and soul at stake.
World has changed , So ppl
from very essence of love to haterdness.
O Lord give peace a chance to spread it arms.
Planet earth wants  its golorius days back ..
where there will only love prevail.

P.S : This poem came in mind looking into the Global changes happening on
        earth that disturbing the whole ecosystem, Looking at Them this came
       out ..hope you like it..:).

Pic source : http://www.bluediamondcleaning.net/images/green-earth.jpg


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