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It has been a long time since I posted something on the technical front.In this post I will some showcase some of the application which can be of great help to you. since these are portable i.e you don't need to install them , as they are executable files and are easy to use all are windows based apps.The four application I will show you are Double-driver , Everything , Express-burn & FastStone Capture.

DoubleDriver :
Sometime we formats the  machines and due to some reasons we don't get the drivers especially in WindowsXP in some cases Windows7 too.So when we have all the drivers installed over the machine we can take their onetime backup and can restore them later this application is very handy at that time, have look on the screenshot.

Everything :
This application is my favorite one , over my PC , I have lots of, videos ,tools as well documents. So to search a specific file I need to search via the old windows search which consumes lots of time , but this application is more fast and you can say PC offline google search as you type it searches the files matching its name and extensions of files (*.xls ,*.doc,*.avi,*.divx etc), have a look at the screenshots.you can choose it to run on system startup by going into option ( Tools -->option -->Start Everything at startup).
This one is a lightweight utility to burn CD (CD writing app) from NCH software. Unlike many like Nero and all which need to be installed and their setup is large i.e 100+MBs while this one is mere in few Kbs. And perform all important task a cd writing need to do have a look over the screenshot.
FastStone Capture:
This app is my favorite one all the screenshot you have seen are taken by this app , its all in one app take screenshot on the scroll , full-screen or the selection and can also record the voice and screen as video , have a look at the apps snaps.

Download these portable Apps from below link.

P.S : Hope you would have liked my app pick for this post and will gets your handon over them to check which you gets into your kitty of desirable.put your verdict via your sweet comments , will glad to answer and know if you have queries.


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