The Awakening

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A new perspective
toward life has evolved,
people life has changed,
A euphoria has been created.
Young has come of ages
from their trivial ways,
to a Gandhian platform
of non-violence
for a new beginning.

The nation
as a whole has awaken.
nation owe a lot to you,
we salute you Anna,
a true Gandhian of 21st century.

World too is witnessing,
the real people power
in worlds biggest democracy,
unity in diversity
a strong message given
to those doing politics
based on religion.

The bud is finally out
after fighting hard from
its encapsulation,
still miles to go,
for a better future,
of the present
and the generations to come
to experience and real Swaraj.

The waving tri-color
looks amazing and 
feelings so great,
Slogans like
"Bharat Mata ke Jai"
"Inquilab Zindabad",
"Vande Matram"
truly displays the real BHARAT
(India , Hindustan)
Who we are ,
proud to be an Indian,
Thank you Anna,
for the awakening.

P.S : Today Anna Ended his fast on 13th day ( 28 Aug 2011).
        As Parliament passed the Jan Lokpal bill with both full
        house consensus.Now ball is the court of standing committee
        hope for the best, the real celebration will began


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