Dream's Glimpse

I woke up on early dawn & what I sight ,
I saw the sun had just sent its first rays over
the hills & valleys..the dew drops fell onto
the ground & the tender grass sparkled fresh and new .
The birds were chirping among the sky.
Fluffy clouds floated in the sky....and I wondered where I'm...?
There was lush green meadows where the eyes could go.
The wind made ripples..in the quite streams & a cool breeze..rustled amidst the trees.Flowers bloomed the pathways perfuming the air and butterflies fluttered 2 & fro.....I danced and skipped with Joy......and I wondered where I was...? I sat in the cool shade of trees amongst the preety flowers...I put my mind at ease & start watching the world with peace .
Nature sang a sweet lovely song...give me some glimpse, show me some sunshine, give me one chance to see you....&
I put my head on your lap.. but when tried to see ur face .... a sudden flash of light shunned my eyes..And I suddenly woke up...and found..myself on my Bed........ Alas ! it was all but a dream.....but was the wonderful dream I every dreamed off. But at last I wake-up without seeing u.....that's how the  dream's..suspense continues...

P.S : This dream I dreamed some 3 years back , but penned down today from my diary , which has been serving me from past 10 years don't wonder how. It has got some of my close 2 heart substances which sometime I chooses to post otherwise they remains in the diary silently.

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Missing you Mom

Hi Mom , its been a long time since I spoke to you last time ,
don't know when my wait will ends ,
these telephone towers are making me go insane ..
I miss like anything. I can't live like this anymore ,
planning to come home.
And it has been a lot tym since I visited there ,
how all things are going on have to look into it.
I want you to be with us , though u are fine with ur stance ,
but mom ..but why you only have to suffer , thats not fait at all
life without ur presence looks very dull ,
see I can't sleep also ..I'm still awake ;
memories from the past keep on haunting me
like anything its been a long struggle .
I'll try my level best and you will be back with us ..
I misses all ur care ..the laugh n every little thing ,that make us all smile.
Mom don't worry about us we are doing fine ,
but only if you will be here we will be more than happy.

All says I'm changed , I don't know what they expect from me,
but for you i'm still the same as was yrs ago the same Viku..
So being lonely you know sometime minds go out of track ,
to do things which I shouldn't hv done , but happens like I end messed-up.
The new year hasn't been so gud but , when you are there i fear nothing, I can make all possible to make u smile all the tym.

Coz cloudy days too are followed by sunshine....so just lil bit patience which I'm looking @.

I heard that its been quite sunshine there weather is ok , but Mom here its 2 cold , what to tell but that's how extreme the weather of Delhi goes u knows that well.
I'm safe n secure , just worried about you , hoping to meet you soon and much before , I will speak over phone to get know about you it will be great.
Hoping for the best.
Luv you Mom.
Missing you like anything..eyes are 2 eager for a glimpse of you.

With Luv

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Into Memory Lane

In life's journey from the very birth to last stop i.e death we do lots of stuff, good and bad depending on the situation , mood ..and other constraints and do things thinking at that instance it's quite viable in the happening of a particular event.

Today I'm putting some of the best experiences and experimentation in life which got me insane.
looking back to the childhood days , where life seems to be very charming and inspiration as the only things in mind were to enjoy it , there was no pressure to do something extraordinary , but there has been a constant lecture from parents to make me to sense my responsibilities , but I have some other aspiration to achieve , whatever comes in mind I do it , for instance it was some 21 yrs back (Hometown) when a Idea cracked into my mind to test how everybody loves me , So to do so ..I hide myself in the window in such a fashion that no one can search me out ..it was summer days too hot ..so when the time for lunch approached , mom n all started searching for me ..well all came near to me shouting my nick name , but all their effort went into vein as I was not moved by this ..so some more fun ..for that mom also went all over the fields to check where I may be most probably , and came back home and said she saw snakes and reptiles on the way and was very much worries abt me ..hmm looking at the progress I was in 2 minds to go out and give a surprise and secondly not since the chances to getting a strong welcome by a slap was most inevitable ...so i thought to waiting for some more time ...and later came out ..and then ..it was obvious I has a warm welcome with a Dashing slap abd was sunned by it , later i told everything for what I did ..so It was the experience I never stop laughing ...that .how i did it .

It was back in 1993 when I was Punjab with my uncle (phufaji)and Buwa , that time Buwa and uncle both were not present so I was one bhaiya who used to cook food for us so , with him while talking I bet that I can eat whole chicken in 1 go ; the very next day I didn't had my meals and in the night I asked bhaiya to prep prep it for me in a special manner i.e baked in the oven with chicken inside banana leaf and spices all over , that day I don't know .i managed to eat the whole chicken w/o any much difficulty as it was only food I had for the day. During the meal the only portion of chicken that troubled me is the neck it had only bones which were harder to chew.

The next similar kind of instance was @ IMA Dehradun which is quite funny , my bro ATUL was there for the training and I along with my younger bro used to go there twice a week , with all the stuff my sweet Buwa used to make for him. So one day he gave both us treat in the canteen there that tym I was non-veg , so Its chicken and burger and lots of other stuff , this was the phase I used to eat a lot though it doesn't shows over the body that it reflect other way.So we both were over chicken and ate all the chicken available in the canteen and asked for more , but there was nothing left. MY bro said AREEY BUS KARO , Kya Kar Rahe ..the Chicken was so tasty that we both didn't got to know we had quite a lot. so finally was great time over there and later Bro was pulling our legs ..so it was nice kind of exp.

Another instance was during the time I was learning bicycle , and the cycle was much higher in height than me to handle , so one day i was crossing the main road and suddenly i lost my control over pedal and I caught myself in the middle of the road in awkward position , then there was a Ambassador car cruising toward me , I was having my heart beat high as if i try to do something i will fall in the road and what to do nothing came to my mind i thought its best to stand still and when the car will passby will do my bit , but then car was almost had me it was coming @ high speed i thought this is my last moment Bhagwaan ko yaad kar loon .. den it strike my cycle and I fall down and I get busy with rearranging the handle of cycle in the meanwhile the car driver parked cared at one side and came ..Like I had crushed his car , and all from nowhere slapped me so hard ..I still feel the pain ..its seems funny at this point of time but @ that time it was very embarrassing ..I would have reacted smartly by running from there but I never expected that he will come and do this.And later when i reached whom all said from where did u have these marks over you cheeks , I said I just fall in the Bush on cheek side. If I would have said that my cycling would has been banned.
The next one is of the bicycle only when I was cycling @ IMA road and then there was steep cut in I shape and in fraction of a sec I turned my cycle there without giving a thought to it , cycle was on top gear high speed and turn was very sharp ..my heart was beating fast as I thought i would surely got hurt as brakes of my cycle failed too , i closed my eyes n tilted my cycle in such a way to avoid the most probable disaster of banging my head on the wall ..i make lode noise and when & I opened my eyes as it was quite a long interval ..and saw i made a perfect turn , finally I took a long breath and thanked god. But the question remained in my mind how I escaped from this w/o getting hurt and later during my education I found that its the centripetal force that made me to take that sharp turn just above the ground reference line.

Next one too of a the same above but its my most treasured memories ..i will cherish , it was school time and I was going to school Just half KM back one of My Chemistry teacher called me from the distant part and asked me to stop , then he rode the cycle And sit on the stick and we discussed a lot of things during the journey to school , it was Jamastami before that day so we discussed on it what we both did , so it was some kind of rare experience and Nice one.

The next one is of my school days back in hometown ( Srinagar Garhwal), it was 12th Board time , all the syllabus was completed and we were in class after recess some of of class mates went to the principle sir to grant permission of going home , and we were granted permission , but some of the class mates decided against it and remained in class we all left home ..next day after assemble we all were summoned in the class by our class teacher and asked who went home yesterday stand-up , it was January time like this too cold foggy weather ..and Sir had sticks in his hands waiting for getting started ..and its all stated 5 sticks to many sticks broken still the rule remains the same , stick was striking the palm and thumb area initially it pained during 1st 2 stick then rest three were just taken as they were presented...but later the pain was unbearable ..most of us were in saddest mood ..I was the lone crying ..I suppose though I was laughing In between as it was funny too , we never saw such aggression from Sir. As we didn't asked him , so we got the Gifts.But It was a diff exp all together ..
Next instance is of the same time and it was English period going on in the 2nd session , I was feeling a bit sleepy ..so literature was being taught by sir , it was about the shepherd and his seeps , of whom he takes cares like sons. So there was some line while teaching Sir asked me "whose stomach was paining"? I said Gunjaman (sheephard) , and whole class started laughing actually it was sheep who was about to give birth to her child , so sir gave some dose for that. it was funny since I was really feeling sleepy, but after that my sleep gone with the laughter.
These are some of the best experiences I mostly look back at times ..if you ppl have some of your, you too share as well ..hope these didn't bored you.

Thanks for the read...

With Love

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