The Ultimate Desire - A fantasy

Its has been a long while, since something is cooking in the inner core my heart , the Desire to have some wonderful moments to be lived, cherished till lifetime and ever..

This desire started around 6 yrs back when I was in the initial stage of my carrier , life was fun , happening everything was in place.. suddenly slowly gradually made inroads into my life ..the feeling that never felt before we..were both totally into it ..

During this wonderful phase , there was secret desire to meet in a way so it will be a some kind of wonderfull experience,
But coz of the some reasons the things couldn't work-out and we parted ways for the 
sake of each other of the experiece I would never 4rget..coz beauty of a relation lies in engraved of heart...But the desire never ceased was there in my heart to tell me ..there is always a much better thing waiting be explored.

Sometime its hard to rule the desire then desire ruling you...
this is the situation I'm in @ present ..not coz ..I'm in love ...
but I think I'm in love with this desire now 4 sure ...
in 2007 I went to Goa on official trip , but it was less of a official then picnic for us saw the greenery ..beautiful beaches n all...everything was amazing ..

But before you ppl scold me about secret still not revield then here you goes ..
My ultimate fantasy / desire was to meet someone special  .. and our meet need to have to be spcl.

Both of us leaving from our respective places via Train ..and meeting @ a point far away ..from respective home .. ( place yet to be shorted out ..coz someone spcl not met yet) it will be about us only ..we will run toward each another and Hug ..remain in that state for a while feel it.. essence,Just like in DDLJ , We will have some food ..and after few moments after that,
we will go to the mkt to find ..something and  will disperse there to get something for one another and meet at a common place.
Hug again ..and give that something to each other...then ...we will roam around in the beauty of nature ..And enjoy its presence and now its the night time to have a dinner , we will goto a beach ..where we will have table and some gr8 candles lights..( Candle Light Dinner). Later ..looking into each other eyes. followed by a tight Hug...we slowly move toward toward our respective destination ,With a promise to meet again for a lifetime.

P.S: So friends this is my secret desire/fantasy .. ..Do you have any fantasy ,
      I know you ppl defintely have .. do share it ..will be nice to know about it. 

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