Thank you

life is a blessing
full of suprises,
I have known only this 
but never felt it.

my life has been both 
Sunny and Blue,
but in between both
there is my blessing
to have a friend like you
you never asked what I need
you just did it for me.

Of all my blessings,
this one is the best
you my best friend
I can't ask for more.

To have a friend like you, 
In hardship,
I simply appreciate
your dauntless spirit 
like flowers of the field, 
trampled and trampled 
by strong winds and rain
but still blooms, 
delighting and soothing 
all who sees

Sometimes it's better 
to put love into words
than into hugs.
I would say
just be this way always
keep on smiling.
P.S : I have been awarded as "Super Blogger of the Week" by my fellow blogger Mehreen from the perfect line fame for Friends Meetup Party, this poem is my dedication towards it. Happy Easters wishes to all fellow bloggers , have a great weekend enjoy :).


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One Response to "Thank you"

  1. vivek chamoli Says:

    Thanks Sneha ! :)

  1. Vivek Chamoli Says:

    Thanks upinthecosmos :)

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