one sided affair

From last few weeks I had been into a different Zone, the pain zone. Yeah you heard it right. Pain which is killing me softly, this Wednesday I went to a dentist for checkup, as one of my Jaw teeth was paining.
I didn't have an appointment, as I decided all of a sudden in evening while coming from office.
My turn was last, it was kind of boring no time pass, what to do...hmm then opened by cell and started Facebook chat and asked some of my friend about it ,since it was my maiden visit to a dentist ; so it’s kind of unpredictable what gonna be the course of activity I will go through.
As some sounds of drilling machine were very much audible in the reception, I was scared...and wished I will not go through this process.
It was quite a wait of 40 Minutes approx and during this I spoke and get some insight of it from friends online.
When I entered into room, I saw dentist was a girl ...a bit relax thinking she will examine me calmly then their counterpart.
The torcher process started lights on, she asked to open the mouth, then with a magnifying lens she ticked over my teeth and it pained liked anything.
then other instruments, and after checking it I was told there is a cavity and infection, she told me it will cost you 2k and 2 more sittings after today, you teeth will be ok, I said just do it, It has been 3 weeks since I'm deprived of having  ice-cream and juice and life has become a one-sided affair, so just do it.
The special drilling machine was out, a bit scary though.. (don’t know what they call it) and some sharp pins, slowly gradually the machine was inserted into mouth and then the actual pain begun, it was paining like anything. When it pains I close my mouth, she says don't close the mouth keep it open...I was in a state of slave..Who can just lay down with mouth remains intact in the state as it was asked to be.
I read lots of articles about dentist in the school days which looked quite same to same in the experience.

After that It was around 9:30 PM and I was also given a list of medicines including pain killers. My lips were swollen and dentist said 2 more sitting and you will be fine.My 2nd one is on this Saturday and next one next week.
Hope no more pain...only ice ice cream.. ;).

P.S : Today I regret the day when I was trying to crack the walnut with my teeth instead of walnut one part of teeth get out that time I didn't take it seriously but slowly gradually it  has become a cavity :(.Today in the second half I have got 2nd sitting ..hope it don't pain much.


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