With Love for All

love your enemies
and drive them crazy
this might look somewhat hazy
The hate is expected , 
like  echo of sound suddenly surprising.

So much is present within,
The hate , kind of lost,
to love your enemies in surprise,
to overcome the blinded ego
With soul a bit in a compromising state
Life is very short to get irritated
Unhinged minds have Convoluted

A Man with a thought in place 
above all madness
gets happiness , 
never gets hurt.

Love your enemies
its easy said then done
first make peace with self,
later it will be fun..
to say love you All .


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Dream's Connections

It's So hot in Delhi From Last couple of day Mercury pendulum is constantly oscillating between 45 and 44 Degrees. By Luck yesterday electricity didn't went off so a little relief.

Yesterday night , I was watching a Movie "The Perfect Storm "starring George Clooney , which is basically a story of the fishermen catching fish for their living and George is the captain of the ship.

One day their Ship caught in a storm in middle of their way  , and then how they come victorious after that is the story , I was feeling sleepy ..didn't able to watch the movie though my lil brother was still watching..And then I suddenly slept.

In the morning , I was having a very wonderful dream ...That , I'm finally going to my native place ..and I've Just reached 1st destination i.e Dehradoon ..the 2nd home town .. There I came to know The helicopter service has started there direct to my native place Srinagar (Garhwal).

Ticket was cheap too ..only Rs. 260  so there was rush ...for the ride , but finally I managed to get the seat with my family members , The color of helicopter was Yellow and it was having a  capacity of 15 - 20 passengers.

Finally helicopter started .. but instead of the Air way it went on the road for about 1 Km ...and I was thinking will it be able to take off or will go by road only , but finally it takeoff ..and in the Dream it was a awesome experience..thought the moments just freeze at this point to enjoy to its fullest.

Finally we reached home , and later I Fond ..that I forget my Wallet back in Dehradoon in the dress I was wearing having all the cards. Later in the day I met my cousin sister there , she said she is going to start her own development of Bikes ,.Royal Enfield ..types , she asked me for the suggestion and ..I started laughing ...and suddenly my sleep gets interrupted.

After pausing for a while and looking back onto yesterday , I found a clear connection in my dream and the movie , it was helicopter. Contrastingly in the movie the rescue helicopter tasted the thunder of the storm and fall right into the sea while in my case it was a pleasant Journey ...but the main point is that our sub-conscious mind which as per this dream keeps on making good script for Sleep Pass-time..the only question remained unanswered is why the color of helicopter was yellow in dream..as in movie its military color.

P.S : Writing this Post after looking back into the dream , posting @ this point
        of time as I was totally busy ,I forget dreams after some hours ..this 
        remained intact... ;).Finally it rained a bit so relaxing...

Pic source : http://www.thinknuts.net/wp-content/gallery/colophon/helo169_coming_to_play.jpg


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The Ultimate Desire - A fantasy

Its has been a long while, since something is cooking in the inner core my heart , the Desire to have some wonderful moments to be lived, cherished till lifetime and ever..

This desire started around 6 yrs back when I was in the initial stage of my carrier , life was fun , happening everything was in place.. suddenly slowly gradually ..love made inroads into my life ..the feeling that never felt before we..were both totally into it ..

During this wonderful phase , there was secret desire to meet in a way so it will be a some kind of wonderfull experience,
But coz of the some reasons the things couldn't work-out and we parted ways for the 
sake of each other ...one of the experiece I would never 4rget..coz beauty of a relation lies in engraved of heart...But the desire never ceased ...it was there in my heart to tell me ..there is always a much better thing waiting ..to be explored.

Sometime its hard to rule the desire then desire ruling you...
this is the situation I'm in @ present ..not coz ..I'm in love ...
but I think I'm in love with this desire now 4 sure ...
in 2007 I went to Goa on official trip , but it was less of a official then picnic for us saw the greenery ..beautiful beaches n all...everything was amazing ..

But before you ppl scold me about secret still not revield then here you goes ..
My ultimate fantasy / desire was to meet someone special  .. and our meet need to have to be spcl.

Both of us leaving from our respective places via Train ..and meeting @ a point far away ..from respective home .. ( place yet to be shorted out ..coz someone spcl not met yet) it will be about us only ..we will run toward each another and Hug ..remain in that state for a while ..to feel it.. essence,Just like in DDLJ , We will have some food ..and after few moments after that,
we will go to the mkt to find ..something and  will disperse there to get something for one another and meet at a common place.
Hug again ..and give that something to each other...then ...we will roam around in the beauty of nature ..And enjoy its presence and now its the night time to have a dinner , we will goto a beach ..where we will have table and some gr8 food..in candles lights..( Candle Light Dinner). Later ..looking into each other eyes. followed by a tight Hug...we slowly move toward toward our respective destination ,With a promise to meet again for a lifetime.

P.S: So friends this is my secret desire/fantasy .. ..Do you have any fantasy ,
      I know you ppl defintely have .. do share it ..will be nice to know about it. 

Pic Src: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_HITIigG3XCY/ScwIec- ZPvI/AAAAAAAAAQM/XgXQ4ckEdDc/s1600/boy+girl+hug.jpg


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Being A Human

Being a human,
if you fall in love,
don't be hesitant in expressing it,
find a poet within,
to explore the possibilities.

Being a human ,
when it felt like lack of affection,
don't not left alone in your nest, 
look for inner core of your heart.
The true love within will strengthen you.

Being a human ,
if you feel like lost
do not mourn, 
shed no tears in the wind
find the force within ,
To sail against the tide.

Being a human, 
if the fire of love thrust you out,
do not shut down your system,
just face it ,
look at the dauntless spirit of flowers,
to find the real you.

Being a human, 
feels something is missing, 
do not despair,
find the poet ..within..
your poem will express the love, unexpressed
give you ways to enhance your dreams,
undo the horrible nightmare ..... 
and love to love will tranform you,
into real human being..  ...

P.S : Just an idea came in mind during the Interval Football match between
         Brazil and North Korea , so just penned down ...;). looking at the spirit 
        of koreans ..how they played some wonderful football against the mighty 
        Brazil overall.


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Looking back Into the diaries,
deep down completely into your thoughts.
A fully romantic life scene,
green background for a nature connect.

looking into your eyes to see the glow.
the different shades of green.
Holding your hand to tell you a secret ,
thinking it has been a secret.
As a matter of fact , it has never been
For something you have already known
Long before I myself knew it.

P.S : Totally into FIFA World Cup Football , and hectic work schedule taking
        most of my leisure time.But finally back on track to be with you Pals


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On the verge of separation,
we approached pain slowly.
Slowly we wake up
hardly we shake off this very earth on our body
the salt in our eyes

One by one we take off our mask
Like warrior's helmet , shield and armour
Plumed for the dance.

Slowly we looked around
we were in a unstable form.
Day is bright,
but we recall yesterday very little.

It was moonlight,
Slowly we turn our faces up
inch by inch ,
to the lively glimpse of moon
finding the real me
In search of tommrow happiness.

P.S : Hi this is another sleepy post.

Pic src:http://neatnik2009.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/separation.jpg


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Rise Of Pheonix

Your words are insignificant now,
I cannot excuse you,
you had broken my illusions
can't give you anything
Don't try to come back into my life
for eclipsing my rainbow with your darkness
I won't allow  you to make inroads.

Instead of love ,
you gave me frustation
Go your spiteful burdensome way.
I've good engraved feelings in my heart.
Still you tries to hurl me.

My faith is still firm,
as much as closed doors.
God has opened windows.
Today I'm able to look at the sky,
playing with stars , painting beautiful things.
I'm intoxicated and breathing life's fragrance.
love little by little rising like pheonix
ashes are fire reviving
I don't like strips..
I want the wholehearted love...

Pic : http://fineartamerica.com/images-medium/pheonix-bird-flower-mitra-cline.jpg


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Google Chrome : Safe And Secure Browsing


Last night I was trying to find some browsers which can give me fast browsing, at the same time are more secure.
The common thoughts that comes to mind is of few 
popular web browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox , safari , google chrome and opera,
My Favoutite browser is Mozilla ,but there are few things which were not satisfying me is that which is the crash rate , hanging high CPU usage.

I tried google chrome way back , chrome is devoped by google from the open source project Chromium .But due to lots of security flaws I didn't used it there after.

today I'm more confident to use google chrome then any other Web browser coz its now more secure than the present browser and moreover its security can be enhanced by 
using some extensions(plugins), these enhances the security and narrow down security risk to a greater extent. And being the fasted browser the browsing experience is amazing.

A Video on the evolution of Google chrome.. have a look

So here in this article about those cool extension which will reduce your online threats.

Following are the extension which I found very good afte testing.

1) AdBlock

 a very handy extension as it blocks the bugging adds,for security its very good as now a days malware writers are using these adds as target to successfully
intrude into your machine W/o you knowing it.
"Malware Ad Injections" is the technique used by malware writers to infiltrate into the accredited Web sites like the New York times, so it helps in blocking adds.

2) Bug Me Not

 is a very unique extenstion , helps in thwart advertising spam from Web sites that require registering. If a Web site requests information, it will check Bug Me 
Not.com’s database. If registration information is available, Bug Me Not will populate the form, allowing you to continue, yet remain anonymous.

3) FlashBlock
Vulnerabilities in Flash are becoming popular targets for hackers. FlashBlock helps by initially blocking all Flash content on a Web page. You can later-on whitelist(allow)
the website from where you want to have flash , like www.youtube.com.

4) Secbrowsing - plugin version checker

 extention Periodically checks if your browser is running any out-of-date, vulnerable plugins etc and keep you utodate.

5) SiteAdvisor
SiteAdvisor is a service that reports on the safety of Web sites. It shows the Web site’s rating. You also have the option of not allowing suspicious Web sites to load.

6) Unencrypted Password Warning
Unencrypted Password Warning does exactly what its name says. And Most importantly it also displays a warning if credit card numbers are sent in the clear. This extension is helpful for users who aren’t familiar with HTTPS and what it means. If there is a problem, it opens a window and explains what’s wrong.

7) WOT
Web of Trust (WOT) is another extension that rates the trustworthiness of Web sites. WOT is similar to SiteAdvisor but with a diffrent approach. Unlike SiteAdvisor, WOT rates search results, which is a nice feature. You have an idea before you proceed to the Web site.

P.S :  Dear Readers , hope you like the post , put your comments suggestion or any information I'm missing over here. You are most welcome , Have a nice Read :)


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In Between Sleep

Putting thoughts into its elements
trying hard to figure out
which beads to count for
looking into the distorted image
where to start and
where to end
no signs of visibility.

This summer is deadly
even water not responding to the call
the landlord are adding salt to wounds
the image of home yet so distance
in this very capital of mine.

Dream which are made years back
are making me think,
could I or couldn't I reach there
then the force within,
wakes-up to tell ,
looking at mountains
won't help much,
till sub-goals are defined.
to narrow down variables need to defined
to workout the most common thought of complexity

Sleep trying to slow me down
but sudden fluctuation awakens
telling day is on
makes the best of it.
suddenly the light went off
whatever I've written is lost
only whats fresh in memory
is penned down....
rest leaving upto you..

P.S : This is written in the moments of being sleepy don't know 
        how it goes ..whatever it taste no matter ..I penned down.
        Even light didn't came to my rescue , went twice .
        Truly a sleepy creation :).


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