Tormented Self

It is the remembrance fixed in my soul,
and memory which has faded somewhere in my heart
which at times come as fire and sword.

It is a fear of death drawing self
in each tear without cause
as life is passing out slowly
as an eternal wound , never ceasing.

It is the torment of knowing self
never yours and never mine ,
in the ambiguity of life's nostalgia


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Conficker The Deadliest Malware Of The Decade

Conficker was 1st malware which had affected the bussines in the last 2 years Very badly. Sophos was the 1st Security firm to detect the threat and report the microsoft vunerabilty which causes this Malware to exploit the machine's two critical service responsible for the communication i.e Server service and Workstation service.

This Malware exploits the Microsoft's MS08-067 vunerability and as a result all the security sites and Microsofts don't opens up. So the risk of getting infected got higher since the security application can't take update from their databank. And since your system is not uptodate and hence don't have anti-virus IDE's so malware tries to spead via network (network shares) , removal media etc.

So to tackle all issues the things that we need to use is to secure our system with Zero day threats by having a good firewall installed over your machine which can block the malware to spread or reports you on the security breach.

Well having said that the Conficker Malware which is in the web still haunts , it has been modified by virus writers and lots of varients has been known  which are Mal/Conficker-A, Mal/Confick-Dam, Mal/Conficker-B, Mal/ConfInf-A, Troj/ConfData-A, Troj/ConfDr-B, Troj/ConfDr-C, Troj/ConfDr-Gen , W32/ConfDr-Gen, W32/Confick-A, W32/Confick-B, W32/Confick-C, W32/Confick-D, W32/Confick-F, W32/Confick-G, W32/Confick-H, W32/Confick-I, W32/Confick-K, W32/Confick-L, W32/Confick-M, W32/ConfikMem-A, W32/ConfikMem-B.

This malware is not detected by virus scanner itself as it other process are hidden ,so anti-rootkits mechanism is used to find out the malware and then removed using a specific tool.

since most of the operating systems Either Windows 2000 , XP , 2003/2008 servers versions are not being patched by MS08-067 security patch from microsoft.
SO the first objective is to patch the machine with Microsoft's MS08-067 patch.
I.e from below download Links for respective operating system.

WIN Xp SP2 -

Win XP SP3 -

Win Vista -

Win 2003 Server Sp1 -

Win 2003 server sp2 -

Win 2008 server -

And then download the Conficker Removal utility from the below link

Install this tool and run the scan , it will take some time depending upon your data volume and when scan finises will ask for reboot , and the Malware will be removed.

So moral of the whole article is that keep your system updates with latest Microsoft patch and have the best security defence as mentioned in my previous article

Hope this article will help you.

P.S : For any query feel free to get back to me @ TALK TO ME 
        section or post your comment over here.


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Finally the wait ended ...

It was last Sunday when I joined Red Hat Certification Course (RHCE).

I was planning to do it from last 2 and half years  , but due to lots of uncalled things keep happening in between didn't able to start is ..but  this Sunday i.e 11 April I made it.

The Faculty is nice ,1st day interaction with the colleagues there were nice to see all were working somewhere .
Just one day there , so hope it will be a good journey  to get the best of out of there (knowledge).



Money Vs Love

In today's life , where standing still is lyk sleeping or just a looser...ppl running here n there both ways ...what actually they are staving forward to get it money  they all looking for...or its love for which they really trying their best bit or are they simply still in the race of finding their true-self. So what according to you is more important taking both as diff identity ...whats ur choice if you are the cross-roads of lyf?

Diff ppl different perspective towards it. whats ur? thats what I want to know from you bloggers.

How will lyf come to u as full circle when ............... fill it ...

P.S: This Blog cum Discussion I wrote after I had a long discussion over it with one my friend recently , I supported Love and she supported I came out with this .... ;).



The Voice Within

Your Inner voice knows it all ,
when it calls , take heed.
have you ever listened to its call?

your inner voice know it all
is it still stifled by a wall ?.
It is an anchor when in need

Your Inner voice knows it all
when it calls, take heed!.


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Computer Security Applications

Security applications are necessity of the present time.
Having a security application installed over your computer is very important, you probably face many situations everyday that could harm your computer with malicious content without you knowing or consent.

If you're a regular web surfer, or download frequently, or even share a portable drives with friends or family, then your chances of getting your computer infected has just increased.

The absense of a security application is like driving bike without a helmet, you're just playing with the odds, it might happen, or not. It's always better to be safe than sorry. with either!

Fortunately, there are a lot security applications available, some of them are even free, so if you don't have the budget to pay for one, just use a free one.

Everyday new virus, trojan or any type of malicious files are created, before they are intented to harm machines but now the virus writer wants business (money) ,it's just one of those "human mystery behavior", but they do exist, and if you're not cautious then you might lose all your computer's content or even have your personal information revealed and used without your knowledge.

For example, a malicious technique called "keylogging" can be used against you to log every key stroke you make with your keyboard, this means all your passwords, chats.. then easily sent to the remote person that infected you with that file to use the information without your knowlege.

Also, if you frequently download files online, or share files with your friends, you're faced with a possibility of infection, malicious files are "covert" that means even your friend that you shared files with might get infected without him/her knowing about it.

There are a lot of arguments that none of the security applications are perfect, however that doesn't mean they are not necessary, they decrease the chance of your computer being infected by at least 70%.

Here is a list of security applications that I recommend for you to use: (Pick one only) I hv picked SOPHOS for you.

* McAfee Anti-virus ( You need to purchase )

* Sophos Anti-virus ( You need to purchase , but I'm giving 30days keys so that it works for you)

* Symantec Anti-virus ( You need to purchase )

* Kaspersky Anti-Virus ( You need to purchase )

* Clam -Anti-virus ( FREE)

* avast! Anti-Virus (Free edition available)

* AVG Anti-virus (Free edition available)

* Antivir - anti-virus ( FREE)

* Malwarebytes ( FREE)

From the above I would like to tell you about SOPHOs , the one which has got nice features.

Download it from the below link..

Sophos Anti-virus With Firewall

Sophos Anti-virus Without firewall.
The best practice is to have firewall and Anti-virus Installed

Follow the procedure to install

Username: ESEM96D3F2
Password: ugyefwth





When the configuration is finished run the scan over the machine

or you can create batch file and run it whenever you want you machine to scan

To do so copy the following content in a notepad and save it as "Scan.bat".

cd Program Files
cd Sophos
cd sophos Anti-virus
sav32cli -f -all -di -dn -remove -noc -p=c:\scanlog.txt 

Save the above one  as Scan.bat and run if you want to run command line scanner.

After you install the security application you chose, always make sure that you keep it up-to-date to better protect you from new malicious files.

P.S : If You have any query feel free to get back to me over  TALK TO ME or comment over here .


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There are lots of Media players in the market these days , like real player , window Media player , Divx player , VLC player & Quicktime player etc.

And if we downloads a video file and later tries to watch it , sometime we are able to watch video , sometime not and only got audio (sound), which means you probably didn't have the required codecs to play that video.

Most videos available online to download require codecs because they are compressed, basically to provide the High quality with less size, examples for video compressions are DivX, XviD, or just a video converted to FLV (flash video), usually FLV videos have poor quality but the file size is very small.

The reason most people use such compressions is to save time uploading the video and make it available online, which is great for the downloader.

There are a lot of codec packs available, most of them are free, from my experience I found K-Lite Mega Codec pack to be the best one, it installs all the required codecs you need to play almost any video file, and it's very easy to use.

Dowload Media Player Classic ( K-lite) From below Link ...


Some people don't like to install codec packs, they prefer to install each codec by itself, for example they download the latest DivX and install it, then XviD, so on and so forth, if you're just looking for a way to enjoy watching videos without any hassle, so I recommend K-Lite, they frequently update their codecs and they provide a free media player with the package.

You can also install VLC Media player, it's free, and it plays almost all video files without having any codecs installed.
VLC has lots of other functionality Like taking snapshot of the video etc.

Download VLC player from below link

If you're a Linux user, the process of playing videos is a bit easier for you, when you try to play a video and a codec is required, the media player automatically notifies you of the missing codec and asks you if you would like to install them, then all you have to do is accept, after that the codecs are downloaded and installed automatically for you.

So Go For K-Lite CODEC or VLC.

Have a nice time watching your Favrourite Video. Cheers !!!

P.S : For more info , feel free to get back to me @ "Talk to me"
       section or put your comments over here . 


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Time after Time

One Voice still hesitates
on yesterday ,
The other already strides to this day
As the clock ticks aside
and we are ageing with time

Childhood which has gone away
is riding time pony through
child present within.

with life's progression ,
leaving footprints gaily
along life's road side,
ticks of Clock delights ears
like a hymn....


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A Monologue

I'm Love
to value  , to admire or to envy
only two arms which had once embraced
my  love so dearly
were broken together with my heart
where the love of my blossom went away
As how beautiful they were
while holding you tightly
I can only give you a guess
and room for imagining....



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