Something of me
went away with you,
the softness of silk,
beauty of your eyes,
the evergreen smile ,
and those romantic songs
in your husky voice.
In between hope and desire,
desire tends to reach
for joy and complete glory.
Though different seasons
do shows signs of differences,
shining and making everyone
to dance on its magic,
and also gives variable taste
with time.

The liking for a perfect home
from the childhood comes naturally
but the beauty of the things has
frozen my vision,
as someone close, left forever
just remembering the memories.

P.S : Another lonely post after a while, things keeps me busy


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O Sun

 O Sun , O sun less sever this summer
The window of my room is open 
for some fresh air.
Summer making life a living hell ,
door of my heart is always open
for suggestions,
pouring in love houseful
to cherish endlessly.
A stepping upward to larger spaces
that reaches beyond the minds
I think , therefore I am,
I dream , therefore I ascend,
to smile and to triumph
over this scorching heat.
O sun your warmth and light ,
are so profusely lavish,
But less sever you were I wish
While at your dazzling light
and our wondrous wear,
to hearts content ,
I'd have like to stare at you,
to let you slow down this summer
But in my eyes tear drops,
blurring my vision ,
feeling still unfazed
 making me to face the reality.
O Sun be less sever this summer.

P.S : Hi friends , how you guys doing ..this summer ..hope you all enjoying. Have a nice weekend enjoy.


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I'm Still Alive

Life went through
twist and turn
with delays and desires
to express self ,
but nothing felt going.

A ray of hope arise 
to ignite fire within.
Words ,
which were familiar before,
are now hard to recall.

How life changes
its course is amazing,
and suprises us with unexpected
giving us a variable taste
with time ,
doing a to and fro act
making one to think
where my life is heading?.

Have a heart with endless love,
a temptation to experiment
and a devine connect
to make you forge ahead.

There is always an awakening
for life to say aloud
I'm still alive ,
to spread colors of happiness 
allover within you all around,
to unwind the encapsulation.

P.S : It has really been a long time since I really visited blososphere and 
       written something there are times we are left wandering ...same 
       happened to me and I lost the touch and even writing , but as it is said 
       all well that ends well, So here I'm.Glad to see people still hover around 
       and spend sometime to read some of my articles.Thanking you all :).


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