True friendship ....does it really exists...

True friendship ....does it really exists...

hmm strange but very true ..does true friendship exists ? this question often triggers my mind n made it to think ..what really true friendship is all about , is it a imaginary unreal thing ? ..friendship can develop anytime anywhere , anyplace just happens...its has got no boundaries still , it feels to be very eternal. Does the existence of being being frnd a common word makes it just.. a word ..or it really it has the force to forge ahead to meet the pitch n accord it to its destination.

We Quite often make friends whether its virtual or real... we think upon it n from the day one haves lots of butterflies of emotions running through our vains of being will be or not to time passes makes u feel , we are totallly into it .and ...even though we fails to catch the signal n gets fooled by our own false perception of thoughts, while one is being used taking friendship as the tool to make way and to make most of it with both hands.

I have often heard ppl saying Oh , you hv this much of friends ..Oh I have plenty that I don't remember their names. does it seems any near to friendship no n true friendship no ways ..for a true frnd ...he/she may really be not in ur friends list but sud be in top of the list that lies in heart.

No one is born with friends we make them over a period of time n in the midst of it we know ourselves who we really are ...

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.

But I am blessed having one such ....

In frndship Faith is like a sharp sword that cuts off all our doubts because faith means belief as we have in one another (like in own family)… without doubt that serves all uncertainty & to understand is wisdom. So I can say that faith is like value added to the treasure we have (Friendship). it is like FAT( Faith added to treasure :-)

so I can say finally that faith eradicates doubt and uncertainty & it further illuminates the wisdom innate in our lives ..Hey ppl wait..I m not done yet , I have a little bit more to say.. that the two words we (U & I) most often uses i.e HI.. & Ji….what they really symbolizes .. according to me in word "Ji" implications such as true friendship , a pure parental love and affection are included .

In the word "HI" meaning mercy, affection & grieving for others sufferings are involved what u ppl think do tell … am I right ? To make it more clear I would say "Ji"meaning giving peace which u gives & hi means removing suffering which u do u my frnd do…for me..

The one word I have not mentioned is compassion what really it means it's a spirit of extracting suffering and giving joy. Just like parents raise their children with love & affection …. I am going ryt way na ? tell as I often have the tendency to go off target please be patient

Friendship flows in two directions , You must give as well as receive.

The poem I tried to write during the best phase of Our frndship is as follows:

When I open my book I see the ivy climbed up along my window sill ..
Expressing by writing to u is the only window of my emotion searching & browsing……but when I turned my head back you have already lifted up the curtain & went away silently….

The wind bells are swaying & ringing ….. telling you clearly my feeling , When I was thinking of u ,
the fine rain was knocking my window & falling leaves together with my mood were always assembled in front of my window giving u superior performance on the spot…… When I am writing for u the noise from outside is always blocked by melody of the old songs & light in front of my window are always covered by ur dark long hair..

I cannot touch u , I cannot reach u…. for me now are your voice & mails U sends have been taped in the cassette of my mind , yet I see u in the things I do.. in the eyes I shed the dreams I dream…

More often in the midst of the work , I stop & reflect upon ur words ,
I now see u in a different light .Your words are the very essence of wisdom , u who loved me let share this secret was there also a voice in the past whose words were taped in the cassette of your mind But hay dear there r still the dreams to dreams , the love to love , I will meet u again which we called Eternity."

Since I hv experienced it ...I can say God Tussi great ho , what I never thought of happened to me , and what I thought of never

happened to me. he he
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