Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2011

Today its the last day of 2010 , and we are on the verge of a new decase, 
it has been a great journey till now , life with full of surprises wrapped and showcased time after time.
lets wish this year bring lots of happiness in this very world of our , wherever we see , we get the glimpse of sunshine and smiling faces.

P.S : See you All again in 2011 , till then enjoy :)


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Delhi in Blanket Cover

After the big day, Yesterday I had an appointment with a Doc for my Mom check-up , as she has gone through surgeries for stone in gall bladder.
So all is well now so 2 more dressing and she  will be fine.
Initially when I came out of the house , saw one of the surprise package i.e white Blanket , in which whole Delhi was covered.

Following are some of the pics during my walk ..to and fro.
 AT 9.20 AM
     AT Jawahar Lal Nehru Metro Station (9:29 AM)
 AT 11 AM Coming Back
From ROOF TOP 11.20 (SUN is shy)
It was really a cold day , though today as well but fog vanished early than yesterday.

Delhi seems to witness some more chilled days :( . But Delhi is lucky as it not as cold as in the Europe which is badly affected by snowfall.

P.S : Just thought of sharing :) the Pics to feel it.


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Wish You A Merry Christmas :)

Dear Friends,

Wish You and Your Family A Merry Christmas ,lord bless you all and give you happiness , peace and Good health and full of Postive energy to forge ahead towards your goals.

P.S : credit goes to Writter © Shakela 
       Flash Presentation by: © Steve A. Politte at 


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A Walk to Remember

You are the one
walking with me
in all my dreams thinking of you
I always remember
A walk with you.

I'm blessed having you
who walked along in difficult times
Sometime I wonder is it true,
you smiled and walked with me.

In journey of life
there is a end to everything,
you choose your path
But I kept walking
thinking will meet
in life's walk.

May be lord has something in store
in life's walk for us
A walk with you ,
will always be remembered
Thanks for walking with me.


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In the wild : Check your security

In today's world , where threats from the web are evolving at  such a brisk rate that even for the security vendors like Sophos , McAfee Symantec , TrendMicro etc its almost impossible to detect and remediate and protect machines from getting infected , the reason being that the malware writers are now focused on Steath techology i.e being undetected commonely known as rootkits, they can get the critical information of yours especially the Bank A/C info w/o you knowing it and your Anti-virus security product unable to detect it and left as a mere spectator at that point.

So how to check if you are exposed to risk or your machine has been compromised.Here is a video from which you can easily check-out if your system have hidden threats residing or not Peter Giannoulis of TheAcademyPro.com is demonstrating how we can do it easily.
So before opening any Banking website you can check if any threat is not active.


src: http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com

Do keep in mind that it doesn't mean we don't need to install any anti-virus , its very essential to have one best out of the above mentioned.

P.S : Dear readers , if you have any query on it or anything over the security sphere , do leave your comment will reply back.


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Woke-up in the morning
looked at clock , I was late
Washed my clothes
in freezing cold water,
too cold for the hands
to feel any touch.
later went to take bath
with water mix (normal warm and cold),
felt okay on hands,
when poured on body
was a real ripper,
and heart shivering
water foxed me again.

P.S : Today I was little late to wake-up resulting in missing my cold 


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WikiLeaks Tangle

WikiLeaks , which surprised the whole world with its lots of secrets  leaks around the world , has its domain down.
WikiLeaks has come under fire for publishing classified U.S. documents, including videos and documents from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as sensitive cables sent between U.S. embassies and the U.S. State Department. WikiLeaks continues to post the cables.

WikiLeaks' main website  was inaccessible since last Thursday night after one of its DDNS i.e Dynamic Domain Network Service provider which terminated its WikiLeaks.org DNS.

Though its in the news that the service provider EveryDNS.net the US based Dynamic Network Services provider has terminated the WikiLeaks.org domain name after a series of DDOS attacks ( Distributed Denial of Service) , since as further DDOS attack would have bring down the whole EveryDNS.net infrastructure i.e Millions of other websites hosted on EveryDNS and hackers would have access to all those websites databases.

EveryDNS.net said in a statement that they have given notice to WikiLeaks via email, Twitter and the chat function available over the WikiLeaks.org website that its domain name service would be terminated in 24-hours.

"Any downtime of the Wikileaks.org website has resulted from its failure to use another hosted DNS service provider," EveryDNS.net said.

WikiLeaks Later put a stange post over twitter saying "EveryDNS.net  has Killed WikiLeaks.org after mass attacks" and asked supporter to keep Wikileaks alive with continued donations.
Donation sounds okay may be after they might be short of funds , due to sudden down of their domain.

Amazon Web Services which also host the Wikileaks domains also confirmed the DDOS attacks, saying in a blog posting that, "There were indeed large-scale DDOS attacks, but they were successfully defended against."

The domain name service termination comes just days after Amazon Web Services stopped hosting WikiLeaks on its servers for breaking user rules saying that websites must use their own content and not carry data that might injure others. The U.S. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, chaired by Senator Joe Lieberman, had also asked Amazon to stop hosting the controversial website.

Though EveryDNS.net said all of its systems were functioning normally, whats the Buzz going not harder to gaze , all is crystal clear.
WikiLeaks has asked the Web community to open mirror sites so it cannot be downed or censored and said on Monday that 300 plus new sites are already up.
Since Wikileaks is now under heavy DDOS attacks, they are creating mirror sites i.e N no of same sites hosted on differenct linux based server to increase the security and downtime as well making it vitually impossible for the DDOS attackers to put it down , so it seems this might be a game plan , thought well in advance as they were aware they are gona be attacked by the firms and other world bodies for their illegal way of working.

WikiLeaks Twitter feed are going to WikiLeaks.ch have a look at the screenshots below.

I am quite following this-up as to check if its a third party attempting to see where the Wikileaks getting support from or WikiLeaks itself , quite confused right now need to run the mind horses ;).

While as claimed by Wikileaks , their next target will be Banks, meanwhile from sources its confirmed that some hackers has brought down MASTERCARD's Website  www.mastercard.com under the "operation Payback" according to several news reports, including the Guardian and the National Post.
The Guardian wrote the following in its article:
The action was confirmed on Twitter at 9.39am by user @Anon_Operation, who later tweeted: "WE ARE GLAD TO TELL YOU THAT http://www.mastercard.com/ is DOWN AND IT'S CONFIRMED! #ddos #wikileaks Operation:Payback(is a bitch!) #PAYBACK"

Hackers reportedly used a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS), which is basically designed to flood web servers with so many requests that it slows its service to a virtual stand-still  and reaches a deadlock state.

Swiss bank  is reported to have also suffered a similar attack, and the hacker group claim to be eyeballing PayPal, promising they will be targeted soon.
Adding fuel to the fire was WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange's arrest a day before yesterday for alleged sex crimes committed in Sweden.
So its getting toucher for the cyber security bodies to keep it under control as no solution has been devised to tackle suck attacks and leaks of confidential data.

P.S : Now virtual space has really turned into a warfare.So whom do you blame for all this mess ? The WikiLeaks ? or those named and shamed in the leaked documents?  or the financial services for cutting WikiLeaks off ? or the Hackers ?. Leaving this Little mind excercise for you 

pic source : http://cdn.venturebeat.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/wikileaks.jpg


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I shall seek Summer's Solace in winters
Blissful ambiance of flowers
seeking into the treasured moments ,
simulated sublimely for sometime in mind.

love , keep me away from acute pain
Sings a song to keep away negativity,
but there is a fear in me someone whispered.
the fear of getting deceived by life.

It will be a dead-end ,
if I would ceased perceiving life.
I must not stop , I must persist
In solving  life's riddles.

I'm only a poet,
no more people adulation
just a sheer affection.

you and only you budding again in bouquet,
after winter's iced chilled slumber,
in search of solace.

P.S : Winters finally back with a bang , with shivering cold all over the  
        northern region , I'm just trying to get into rhythm. just trying hands
        after a gap over poem at this hour!.


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