If I knew it's our last hi ,
I wish I would be there to share the moment,
well , I’m sure you will have so much to share
so I couldn't  let this one go away.

For Sure there will be a day tommorow
for the making of an oversight,
will pray to god we get a second chance
to make everything right.

There will be another day
to pour my heart out  and say the deed,
deep core inside my heart ,
I missed you day and nyt
I feel you in the dreams I dream ,
the breath I take ,
you seemed to have been infused all over me

But if I didn't get a chance,
and today is all I have in store from god side yourway,
Then I’d like to say how much I love you
and I hope you remember the days and moments , 
from the lil fights to ; gettinfg  catty.

What in the store , the surprise  for tomorrow no one knows
so today let be our chance to hold onto it , 
and get bathed into the memories of the past 
and the present moment And today may be  the last chance You get to hold your loved one tight. Don't hold on for tomorrow ,
its very unpredictable , so why not today.

If the glad day(tomorrow) never comes
we might get ourself in a state of disbelife and regret,
that we couldn't take that extra step and effort
for a smile, a warm hug, or a gentle kiss,
you might be busy for sure , 
but what if this turned out one last Wish.

I will always hold onto it,
So my friend take your time ,
come-out of what you going through,
I wish i could know the reason , but thats the exception..
keeping the finger crossed , to see you back as before.

I'm may have been rude at times ,
but that was never the intentions,
sometimes things go the other way.
I’m sorry,I hurt you at times
Please forgive me,
Thank you, or It’s okay.
whatever your take , just say it, Coz i'm holding onto it.

And if the day never comes , don't ever regret.
May be I'm not that gud for you ,
or you have some better things waiting to be explored.
I still the feels the way It was before.
It only has increased and will keep on , and will never cease.

Thanks for being such a gr8 friend.
Will be gud to see you again.
Just passing onto you a smile.. :-), hold onto it forever.
whenever feel not gud look into mirror and smile and remember the best moments will surely give you some think to think about that life is not that bad as we percieve it to be ,
its as beautiful as we feel from inside.

P.S : The above poem is dedicared to all my friends, close to me.
        I'm sorry if I hurt you feelings in anyway. put your comments
        if you feel. I would be happy to reply on that.


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