An Endless Wait ...


Longing my Life with keen intent ,
commited in making the best of what obtained..
Bent in giving a full scale welcome for you ..
I waited  hoping you will surely turned up..this evening..

I waited patiently looking for you , hours did
slip by gruesomely ,and I yawned very restlessly.

At last the evening arrive and found you still
missing from the scene , my heart told me to
hold on and to relax thatyou will surely arrive.

As I gazed at distant palms counting time very
helplessly , hours past but your presence still

I waited for your call , you didn't turned up
this way aswell,the time trickled very slowly ,
but my impatience did mount.

I thought of giving you a call , but hold back
as you asked not to do so ..I was left with
very lil options.

Then I explained myself , that you might be in
some other situation that is making you to be
this way I start walking ...and the endless
wait ..continued ..


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