Eternal Love

When I open my book ,
I see the ivy climbed up along my window sill
Expressing by writing to you ,
is the only window of my emotion ,
searching & browsing…
but when I turned my head back ,
you have already lifted up the curtain & went away silently….

The wind bells are swaying & ringing …..
telling you clearly my feeling ,
When I was thinking of you ,
the fine rain was knocking my window
and falling leaves together,
with my mood were always assembled in front of my window,
giving you superior performance on the spot.

When I am writing for you,
the noise from outside is always blocked
by melody of the old songs and light ,
in front of my window are always covered by ur dark long hair.

I cannot touch you ,
I cannot reach you ,
for me now are your voice
and mails you sends have been taped in the cassette of my mind, 
yet I see you in the things I do..
in the eyes I shed,
in the dreams I dream.

More often in the midst of the work ,
I stop & reflect upon ur words ,
I now see you in a different light.
Your words are the very essence of wisdom ,
you who loved me let share this secret ,
was there also a voice in the past ,
whose words were taped in the cassette of your mind
But hey dear there are still the dreams to dreams ,
the love to love ,
I will meet you again which we called Eternity.

P.S : This poem is actually written 6 years back for my best
       friend.You will find this in my 1st post as well,
       but I thought of putting it in a Poem format.


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