For You

  With Love,
  Together we dancing one-on one.
  Looking up above at night sky and back into sea
  saw moon dancing with its waves.

  One moon for the thousands waves coming ,
  and I saw the earth is just looking @ both
  and enjoying the moment to cherish it into history,
  when someone will look again ,
  to make thousand possible words each having u as the epicenter.

  I saw a Flower also joined the group ,
  I pluck it to offer you , blossom whenever we soar

  Now looking @ the lovely phenomena ,
  how the stars will left behind.
  Stars filled the Sea with full vibrant lights ,
  just giving a perfect impression of diamonds sparkling 4ever.

  The distant earthy bodies(meteors)in the universe too joined 
  the eve ,and sparkled the Sky with their bright light ,
  adding spontaneity to it.

  Finally the time of the eve ,
  draws towards a finishing touch ,
  to say one thing Love will be same,
  it will just transform from one form to another.
  Love for you will remain the same.

  P.S: I wrote the poem today , looking into life differenct 
        facets and finding the common connection.


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