Ultimate Happiness

Today (12 feb) was one of the most wonderful day of my life , I was so happy .. that i forget everything I was in, and just  enjoyed the moments , though very little. You know why coz I'm back into my elements which was missing from long time , and what more better it can be den, great of day maha Shiv ratri , Lord Shiva has always been my energy booster , whenver i'hv been into any bad mood or shape ...when I interact with him , my soul gets bathed with more enthusiasm ,joy , energy , love n passion.

Today was a special day as I felt like , I'm blessed and Lord is just showing his brillance , by just making me dance to his beats ...as if a child ...runs behind a kite when it falls from above..

And as day progressed the rain started , which refreshed my soul and memory and fruits which we all eat..but that was some kind of ..wonderful  ..feeling.. seemed I just went into the childhood. I went to mother dairy has beears and then has them , but the only thing I stopped ..doing is fasting ..but god brilliance is still same ..he only values ...and looks into our heart and eyes to see how we are then how we are doing for his excilency.....

Then I paused and asked god , what you took so long ...why you comes so late....god keep smiling .. I was amazed ..how patiently  listening ...to my way of out Q's but ...lastly I find ..the magical glimpse of a amazing kind....making heart go ....ga ga..over it.

later I got a call from my lovely sister and then friend on how I'm , as I was not well from last 3 days ..due to cold n some fever. But today was the day when everything was dismissed for a Zero..and even didn't felt I was so.

Finally I interacted with some of the friends online ..who are my best buddies ...

And now I'm writing  he he ....but not before ....i will also completed some of my 2mru's office work.

Oh I forgot I have to eat  ..hmm let me have my Food ...too late ..but when it comes to food its never too late ryt ha ha..will be back .... when ...the mood will be @ its best ... hey ....it can be bad ..but don't worry ..it will be gud only that will come out ...till then ..you wait ...  see you ..soon.

And hey ...I love you ...Mom ..miss you ..today ......you are my star ..I always ..looks at..


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