Dream's Connections

It's So hot in Delhi From Last couple of day Mercury pendulum is constantly oscillating between 45 and 44 Degrees. By Luck yesterday electricity didn't went off so a little relief.

Yesterday night , I was watching a Movie "The Perfect Storm "starring George Clooney , which is basically a story of the fishermen catching fish for their living and George is the captain of the ship.

One day their Ship caught in a storm in middle of their way  , and then how they come victorious after that is the story , I was feeling sleepy ..didn't able to watch the movie though my lil brother was still watching..And then I suddenly slept.

In the morning , I was having a very wonderful dream ...That , I'm finally going to my native place ..and I've Just reached 1st destination i.e Dehradoon ..the 2nd home town .. There I came to know The helicopter service has started there direct to my native place Srinagar (Garhwal).

Ticket was cheap too ..only Rs. 260  so there was rush ...for the ride , but finally I managed to get the seat with my family members , The color of helicopter was Yellow and it was having a  capacity of 15 - 20 passengers.

Finally helicopter started .. but instead of the Air way it went on the road for about 1 Km ...and I was thinking will it be able to take off or will go by road only , but finally it takeoff ..and in the Dream it was a awesome experience..thought the moments just freeze at this point to enjoy to its fullest.

Finally we reached home , and later I Fond ..that I forget my Wallet back in Dehradoon in the dress I was wearing having all the cards. Later in the day I met my cousin sister there , she said she is going to start her own development of Bikes ,.Royal Enfield ..types , she asked me for the suggestion and ..I started laughing ...and suddenly my sleep gets interrupted.

After pausing for a while and looking back onto yesterday , I found a clear connection in my dream and the movie , it was helicopter. Contrastingly in the movie the rescue helicopter tasted the thunder of the storm and fall right into the sea while in my case it was a pleasant Journey ...but the main point is that our sub-conscious mind which as per this dream keeps on making good script for Sleep Pass-time..the only question remained unanswered is why the color of helicopter was yellow in dream..as in movie its military color.

P.S : Writing this Post after looking back into the dream , posting @ this point
        of time as I was totally busy ,I forget dreams after some hours ..this 
        remained intact... ;).Finally it rained a bit so relaxing...

Pic source : http://www.thinknuts.net/wp-content/gallery/colophon/helo169_coming_to_play.jpg


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