Rise Of Pheonix

Your words are insignificant now,
I cannot excuse you,
you had broken my illusions
can't give you anything
Don't try to come back into my life
for eclipsing my rainbow with your darkness
I won't allow  you to make inroads.

Instead of love ,
you gave me frustation
Go your spiteful burdensome way.
I've good engraved feelings in my heart.
Still you tries to hurl me.

My faith is still firm,
as much as closed doors.
God has opened windows.
Today I'm able to look at the sky,
playing with stars , painting beautiful things.
I'm intoxicated and breathing life's fragrance.
love little by little rising like pheonix
ashes are fire reviving
I don't like strips..
I want the wholehearted love...

Pic : http://fineartamerica.com/images-medium/pheonix-bird-flower-mitra-cline.jpg


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