O Sun

 O Sun , O sun ..be less sever this summer
The window of my room is open 
for some fresh air.
Summer making life a living hell ,
door of my heart is always open
for suggestions,
pouring in love houseful
to cherish endlessly.
A stepping upward to larger spaces
that reaches beyond the minds
I think , therefore I am,
I dream , therefore I ascend,
to smile and to triumph
over this scorching heat.
O sun your warmth and light ,
are so profusely lavish,
But less sever you were I wish
While at your dazzling light
and our wondrous wear,
to hearts content ,
I'd have like to stare at you,
to let you slow down this summer
But in my eyes tear drops,
blurring my vision ,
feeling still unfazed
 making me to face the reality.
O Sun be less sever this summer.

P.S : Hi friends , how you guys doing ..this summer ..hope you all enjoying. Have a nice weekend enjoy.


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