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Last night I was trying to find some browsers which can give me fast browsing, at the same time are more secure.
The common thoughts that comes to mind is of few 
popular web browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox , safari , google chrome and opera,
My Favoutite browser is Mozilla ,but there are few things which were not satisfying me is that which is the crash rate , hanging high CPU usage.

I tried google chrome way back , chrome is devoped by google from the open source project Chromium .But due to lots of security flaws I didn't used it there after.

today I'm more confident to use google chrome then any other Web browser coz its now more secure than the present browser and moreover its security can be enhanced by 
using some extensions(plugins), these enhances the security and narrow down security risk to a greater extent. And being the fasted browser the browsing experience is amazing.

A Video on the evolution of Google chrome.. have a look

So here in this article about those cool extension which will reduce your online threats.

Following are the extension which I found very good afte testing.

1) AdBlock

 a very handy extension as it blocks the bugging adds,for security its very good as now a days malware writers are using these adds as target to successfully
intrude into your machine W/o you knowing it.
"Malware Ad Injections" is the technique used by malware writers to infiltrate into the accredited Web sites like the New York times, so it helps in blocking adds.

2) Bug Me Not

 is a very unique extenstion , helps in thwart advertising spam from Web sites that require registering. If a Web site requests information, it will check Bug Me’s database. If registration information is available, Bug Me Not will populate the form, allowing you to continue, yet remain anonymous.

3) FlashBlock
Vulnerabilities in Flash are becoming popular targets for hackers. FlashBlock helps by initially blocking all Flash content on a Web page. You can later-on whitelist(allow)
the website from where you want to have flash , like

4) Secbrowsing - plugin version checker

 extention Periodically checks if your browser is running any out-of-date, vulnerable plugins etc and keep you utodate.

5) SiteAdvisor
SiteAdvisor is a service that reports on the safety of Web sites. It shows the Web site’s rating. You also have the option of not allowing suspicious Web sites to load.

6) Unencrypted Password Warning
Unencrypted Password Warning does exactly what its name says. And Most importantly it also displays a warning if credit card numbers are sent in the clear. This extension is helpful for users who aren’t familiar with HTTPS and what it means. If there is a problem, it opens a window and explains what’s wrong.

7) WOT
Web of Trust (WOT) is another extension that rates the trustworthiness of Web sites. WOT is similar to SiteAdvisor but with a diffrent approach. Unlike SiteAdvisor, WOT rates search results, which is a nice feature. You have an idea before you proceed to the Web site.

P.S :  Dear Readers , hope you like the post , put your comments suggestion or any information I'm missing over here. You are most welcome , Have a nice Read :)


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