In Between Sleep

Putting thoughts into its elements
trying hard to figure out
which beads to count for
looking into the distorted image
where to start and
where to end
no signs of visibility.

This summer is deadly
even water not responding to the call
the landlord are adding salt to wounds
the image of home yet so distance
in this very capital of mine.

Dream which are made years back
are making me think,
could I or couldn't I reach there
then the force within,
wakes-up to tell ,
looking at mountains
won't help much,
till sub-goals are defined.
to narrow down variables need to defined
to workout the most common thought of complexity

Sleep trying to slow me down
but sudden fluctuation awakens
telling day is on
makes the best of it.
suddenly the light went off
whatever I've written is lost
only whats fresh in memory
is penned down....
rest leaving upto you..

P.S : This is written in the moments of being sleepy don't know 
        how it goes ..whatever it taste no matter ..I penned down.
        Even light didn't came to my rescue , went twice .
        Truly a sleepy creation :).


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