I'm Still Alive

Life went through
twist and turn
with delays and desires
to express self ,
but nothing felt going.

A ray of hope arise 
to ignite fire within.
Words ,
which were familiar before,
are now hard to recall.

How life changes
its course is amazing,
and suprises us with unexpected
giving us a variable taste
with time ,
doing a to and fro act
making one to think
where my life is heading?.

Have a heart with endless love,
a temptation to experiment
and a devine connect
to make you forge ahead.

There is always an awakening
for life to say aloud
I'm still alive ,
to spread colors of happiness 
allover within you all around,
to unwind the encapsulation.

P.S : It has really been a long time since I really visited blososphere and 
       written something there are times we are left wandering ...same 
       happened to me and I lost the touch and even writing , but as it is said 
       all well that ends well, So here I'm.Glad to see people still hover around 
       and spend sometime to read some of my articles.Thanking you all :).


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