Being A Human

Being a human,
if you fall in love,
don't be hesitant in expressing it,
find a poet within,
to explore the possibilities.

Being a human ,
when it felt like lack of affection,
don't not left alone in your nest, 
look for inner core of your heart.
The true love within will strengthen you.

Being a human ,
if you feel like lost
do not mourn, 
shed no tears in the wind
find the force within ,
To sail against the tide.

Being a human, 
if the fire of love thrust you out,
do not shut down your system,
just face it ,
look at the dauntless spirit of flowers,
to find the real you.

Being a human, 
feels something is missing, 
do not despair,
find the poet ..within..
your poem will express the love, unexpressed
give you ways to enhance your dreams,
undo the horrible nightmare ..... 
and love to love will tranform you,
into real human being..  ...

P.S : Just an idea came in mind during the Interval Football match between
         Brazil and North Korea , so just penned down ...;). looking at the spirit 
        of koreans they played some wonderful football against the mighty 
        Brazil overall.


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