Fallen Leaves


People with or without intention
come to live for tomorrow,
calm down their own self ,
is well aware that life is never perverse
and love is not forcible.

people learn only belatedly what a life is ;
life had gone so fast,
were our youth was obstinate.
we do most to forget the past ,
being so painful ,
if it was so true.

I seems to be left alone
outlined at this very playground,
I look around ,
remembering their names ,
but their familair faces smiles no longer.
I'm sure they left me ,
that last hand-shake now so cold.

This may be the only truth ,
that its human nature
I've no heart to cross out ,
just to cherish the memories
Though bad memories are also infused;
tried to burn some , once in a while
just like the one does with fallen leaves.

This is the place where I used to write my heart whimsically,
now many of my friends left it for good
It has changed since then;
they best surving their time
as they are living for tomorrow.

P.S : All In remembrance of the loss. ..

pic source: http://www.outdoormaths.com/images/autumnLeaves.jpg


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