Missing Home



This summer , I really feel something is missing. I miss my mom ,hometown , fresh air and the special fruits of summer.

These Fruits are rare  which are not found anywhere else other than my native place.

Looking back into the memory lane the scene of childhood comes very live and vivid.
Going out in scorching heat in the month of May and June and grazing the cattles playing outside , it looks so amazing that time.It was more a passion that time.
Later when the fuits ripe , climbing the trees and plucking them  was a gr8 time to remember.

My Grand Mom , she is no more with us but here memories , the care is always lively present in heart .

She always had a charming personality and was a real fighter in life , she had been my mentor since childhood.

Missing that time , been a long time since I've been there ( abt 3yrs).

Always trying to get some off from work ..but somehow ,it happens this way that I have to cancel my plan either of marriages stuff or some study.

But I'm planning to do so soon , but a bit later as its too hot here ( may be in July) and will bring Mom to my place here with us.

Missing you so much ..will be there soon.

P.S : Got the remembrance , its getting hotter here  above 
       44 Degree Temperature. And missing some of the People 
       back home.Looking at those times it seems it just
       happened yesterday.
       Image source : http://www.uttarakhand.ws/


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