Love Happens

With our creative power,
we write, paint ,
play music,
sculpt or construct ??
whatever it tells us to do?..

Because nothing makes
people so generous and
so indifferent to cash
and gross material.

To know truth
is to try to express it ...
what is our purpose in life ???..
it is to find truth,
And share it with all others...

Hope and wish let
Love will be the order of each day
The words "Too late" as
the finger writes and moves on
which way we go ? ..
Chaos? or Community ???

Within this is love
that will make and amend
Choice of life good and bad
against the damming choice
of death and evil
we must rise
to make a point
Love happens.

P.S : There was a contradicting thought in mind to choose a title for this post from 2 i.e  rise-of-the-pheonix and Love Happens , finally love won. And if you didn't watched the Movie "Love Happens"  yet then definitely go 4 it.


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