CHO.....kers !! :(

Today  around 8 Pm I came home from work and saw there was no electricity AAh ..and waited endlessly for 1:30 hrs , and for adding to the woes water was not there since no electricity , made condition more measurable as in the morning it will be a headache if or light will be there or not.

Too hot , though dense tree cover over my place make it a cooler place after 10 Pm , but Light was out on Leave from 5Pm in the evening and finally came @ 10 PM.

And after that also it keep on coming and going , making me to kick these discom ppl with both foot and beat with a stick. The place where the light goes
rarely  watching it live ;-) .

Later , I watched INDIAN IDOl Season 5 over SONY , this is the 1st time i'm following this reality show , and amazed to see the real voices from all
over India are gathered to give a supreme performance, I guessing this time its going to be a tough choice.

But after-all one one has to win the title , so its a gr8 stage set of fire to get the best. So giving my-shot to it as well , by watching them hehe ..

Later , the Big Game of Cricket begin ( India vs Sri Lanka) and India won the toss and elected to bat and made a good total of 163 of 20 overs , over a slow

Lanka begin their chase not so well loosed some early wicket but some good partnership from their captain make them into the match , and the funny thing of

cricket saw some amazing cricket , India needed A margin of 20 run for victory @ one stage it was a tight game but India's sloppy bowling in the death overs..get them out of the match as well tournament and one more team i.e West Indies , who are also eliminated from the scene now .

So India Choked once again , it was a pathetic display from the bowlers in the death overs , not firing all cylinders.

This all happening around today , make me to write all this.

The frustration need to be out some way or other so I'm putting it here like this... haha other option ...this is the best media anyhow.

My most frustration is more over DISCOM ( Electricity dept )..ppl, they don't have a plan to do load shedding they do by weird ways not playing fair esp after

9 - 11PM in the evening making  mood off :( , but there soon will be all changed , since common wealth games are not so far.

They will have to devise some or otherway a way out to meet the rising power demand , instead of diverting to the industrial areas on high comercial prices.
Govt should look into this on higher priority too ...

This was a mixed ...bread roll for you ppl..hope it is eatable .. :)

I wants to write more but , its getting late so see you all again soon ..

P.S : Its been a long time since I converse with some of my best pals but they also didn't came to my rescue today , so finally one came from my own , so the   saying holds good , @ the worst times its yours close mate who knows you comes to your rescue keep on looking for the best phase to get the 
best out of you for self , but I'm happy for them too as they wants something from me....see how lucky I'm I've handful of ppl in all situations haha..

Pics courtesy : World Twenty20 2010/Photos.


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