OS Performace , Data Backup & Recovery Tools.

It has been  a while since I put a post over my blogosphere, today I thought of writing and lots of thoughts poped-up in mind. So I finally Choosed one i.e To put something that's will be Informative and will be useful , as I promised.

This post is about some of the essentials Tips & tools that we require for your Laptops or PCs in some way or other.
Starting with the performance of the systems.

we often find that sometime after Installation of operating system and installation and uninstall of software makes our system  bit slower than it was before.

The main reason for this is the Registry which place a very critical role in security as well as performance of the system. So we must have to check and keep it clean and remove the unwanted key entries out from registry as well as free up space. To do we needed a utility that will do this job. After testing lots of utilities and checking its performance and effects , I came to the conclusion of having "Registry First Aid" on my kitty.

Download it from below link.


Note: It is recommended to take backup of registry before doing any cleanup.And

Now secondly I was looking for a tool that will remove uninstall the software completely without leaving a trace back , normally we do this via Add/Remove program which never remove the software completely.
So after searching a lot for the uninstall utility ,I found a gr8 utility which removes the software completely
from registry as well as Program files.
The name of the application is "Uninstall tool

Download it from below link


what about the backup of data , for that use GFI Backup software.

Download from below link


Lastly if we delete or lost some of our data by accident or by OS crash or formatting of drive , so how to recover that.We can still recover data.
By testing few best application including Stellar Phoenix I found 3 Applications ( EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard , PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery  &  PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery)that can recover data upto 90 % .

Download from below link

1) EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.



2) PC INSPECTOR™ File Recovery


3) PC INSPECTOR™ smart recovery


The most amazing is that these are freeware application , so add them to your kitty after you test these.

So its important to have all the tools with us.

P.S : All the above application are free , some are portable which
       I have tested self and found great on the performance front, 
       backup and recovery phase. If You ppl have any Query
       feel free to get back to me. All queries are welcome :)
         Reference : http://www.pcinspector.de , 
       http://www.gfi.com,http://www.easeus.com & 



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