Dream's Glimpse

I woke up on early dawn & what I sight ,
I saw the sun had just sent its first rays over
the hills & valleys..the dew drops fell onto
the ground & the tender grass sparkled fresh and new .
The birds were chirping among the sky.
Fluffy clouds floated in the sky....and I wondered where I'm...?
There was lush green meadows where the eyes could go.
The wind made ripples..in the quite streams & a cool breeze..rustled amidst the trees.Flowers bloomed the pathways perfuming the air and butterflies fluttered 2 & fro.....I danced and skipped with Joy......and I wondered where I was...? I sat in the cool shade of trees amongst the preety flowers...I put my mind at ease & start watching the world with peace .
Nature sang a sweet lovely song...give me some glimpse, show me some sunshine, give me one chance to see you....&
I put my head on your lap.. but when tried to see ur face .... a sudden flash of light shunned my eyes..And I suddenly woke up...and found..myself on my Bed........ Alas ! it was all but a dream.....but was the wonderful dream I every dreamed off. But at last I wake-up without seeing u.....that's how the  dream's..suspense continues...

P.S : This dream I dreamed some 3 years back , but penned down today from my diary , which has been serving me from past 10 years don't wonder how. It has got some of my close 2 heart substances which sometime I chooses to post otherwise they remains in the diary silently.

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