Missing you Mom

Hi Mom , its been a long time since I spoke to you last time ,
don't know when my wait will ends ,
these telephone towers are making me go insane ..
I miss like anything. I can't live like this anymore ,
planning to come home.
And it has been a lot tym since I visited there ,
how all things are going on have to look into it.
I want you to be with us , though u are fine with ur stance ,
but mom ..but why you only have to suffer , thats not fait at all
life without ur presence looks very dull ,
see I can't sleep also ..I'm still awake ;
memories from the past keep on haunting me
like anything its been a long struggle .
I'll try my level best and you will be back with us ..
I misses all ur care ..the laugh n every little thing ,that make us all smile.
Mom don't worry about us we are doing fine ,
but only if you will be here we will be more than happy.

All says I'm changed , I don't know what they expect from me,
but for you i'm still the same as was yrs ago the same Viku..
So being lonely you know sometime minds go out of track ,
to do things which I shouldn't hv done , but happens like I end messed-up.
The new year hasn't been so gud but , when you are there i fear nothing, I can make all possible to make u smile all the tym.

Coz cloudy days too are followed by sunshine....so just lil bit patience which I'm looking @.

I heard that its been quite sunshine there weather is ok , but Mom here its 2 cold , what to tell but that's how extreme the weather of Delhi goes u knows that well.
I'm safe n secure , just worried about you , hoping to meet you soon and much before , I will speak over phone to get know about you it will be great.
Hoping for the best.
Luv you Mom.
Missing you like anything..eyes are 2 eager for a glimpse of you.

With Luv

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