Rainy Day : A Complete Chaos

Delhi has been busy these day ...Guess ,guess for what ..hmm right for CWG 2010 , but in the midst of work.they are extending the the dead line ..and now its affecting the common man badly.

Yesterday (Thursday)It rained heavily , as its been raining from weeks , even my room at the roof was witnessing rain at its full swing water level filled  to ankle level.

Being a working day I was getting ready ..not for office but for a client visit in Gurgaon as it was planned well in advance , suddenly I got message from boss come to office ..I changed my mindset and almost was about to leave suddenly ..Boss called up and said "wait at home will let you" ..waited ...was bored of waiting tried internet but it was down since on Rainy day cable internet always goes off.. finally with mobile internet I socialize with my friends.

Around 11 PM Boss called up and said ..you may need to goto CP ..I was thrilled wow ..really then I will defintely have good time ...but it was for a while all the planning done washed away in rain ..order again came to wait sending Manoj meet him where we normally do ..to goto Gurgaon ...again in 15 min a boss called up ..you need to go by yourself ..Plan it.

I asked boss , sir its raining very hard here roads are fully submerged..and since I don't have my own conveyance so totally have to depend on PTS ..for that too I saw most of the four wheelers were having a tough time coz their vehicle got stuck see the Pics at my place.
But to get to the BUS stop , I have to do a lot of effort keeping the clothes and shoes as dry as possible then the trick of Ghajni movie came to my rescue when I was stuck at the gate whose base was fully submerged..didn't able to click pic of that ..
Finally I got A DTC A/c Bus from Safdarjung terminal To Gurgaon ..But guess what , it was a Ful Full Jam  and I reached near  Qutub metro station in 2 hrs , which normally takes 15-20 minutes, and further more It took 2 hrs more to reach the Client end ..it was so Boring to sit idle for such a long duration, did everything from calling friends and chit chatting..and listened music ..

There at the client end it took some time as they were facing some issue with our Security product , In night it was again a Jam took around 2.30 Hrs to reach home , the best part was I was in client's Cab direct to my place ..and finally reached home at 11 PM . There after had some yummy food prepared by MOM  and then some chitchat  Followed by my sweet sleep.

P.S : I'm posting this today as Yesterday I slept w/o closing this.


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