O my love ,
thinking of you,
to see you again..
my eyes sees only you..
when your eyes talks,
my heart goes in complete silence,
to be with you all the time
when I don't hear from you.
memories  holds their place.

O my love 
listen to me
trust on me ..
whenever i think of you
love vibes greets my soul,
Your presence lingers me,
makes me complete.

O my love
Thinking of you,
show me your glimpse..
looking into my eyes
you wishpered some words.
and changed my life.

O my love 
give me some signs
beleive it ..
I'm In love all over again..
you are all over me..
hold me tight , hug me ..
I don't wanna miss one..

Never felt this way before.
thinking of you,
makes me dance in rain,
on a song full of life.
like a flower in breaze,
sway with me , sway with me.

listen to me 
trust on me..
it has become a irressitible habbit,
thinking of you all the time
will be good to see you again.
I see you , see you, calling me..
take me up , close your eyes
Think of me sometime..
O my love.....my lovee..love

P.S : Hi friends hope all of you doing great, wishing you a Happy Independence
       day :) from sometime I was thinking of writing a song,then I read a 
       comment from the fellow blogger over my post Goodbye to give it a song 
       feel.Tried hard over it , as poetry was not my cup tea before I joined 
       blogosphere , but gradually and slowly I found a connect , its the journey 
       to explore inner myself  ..to unwind the complexity that has encapsulated 
       within for some time.. so do correct me  ..and add give comment over it.
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