Friendship memories revisited

You are a rare true friend I ever met and had in this world , residing in my heart with the hallmark of god on it…reflecting the purity, transparency, different colors of life and many more…it is just beyond to be explained …… Everything is new , all is urs , mine , ours. You r a sheer morning ,through the flight of birds. Everything is new , the dazzling glow of star , the swiftness of meteors and the light embrace of colors… Feeling hold new waves , into a timeless freedom, a drop of water plunges u into eternity sea….memory lands in order to discover you.. To measure your heart (true friendship) nothing seems to be right……. A bust of wind wants to paint picture of colorful butterflies ur cheeks. You came as light faraway from me , giving me the vision of the world appearing to me as beautiful as never before … I cannot see u…I cannot touch u only ur gorgeous voice is there in the voice warehouse of my mind Forever. Which I retrieve through voice mining tool called True friendship that goes deep into it….This is 100 % Quality approved (Certified) by god & installed in my heart… thanks for being so true me ..

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