A Glimpse of poem in mind ....w/o a pen & piece of paper

Think of the instance when u have a poem coming & u don't have a pen ,
nor a paper to write with? well now i am writing not on paper but in digital format.
The poem will burn in our brain from the very title down the last refrain.Then send it high in the sky to the stars to remember , view from the top & hope they will send it to the destination through their light & hope they will remember for me u my best friend i would say this read on............... Earnest voice rising from the depth of our lives are certain to reach the hearts of others. when we are in high spirit, those around us also get energized ,when we are full of life & vigor we will be able to spread our joy to others.
There are deadlocks when we have faith.Through faith we can overcome any & all problems & eternally advance towards even more expansive horizons of hope .This is the most wondrous way to live , hope costs nothing , it's free yet at the same time it is life's most valuable treasure.....

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