With Luv for your B'day

There is a photograph ,white roses for the background you having your dress decorated with flowers…& some colorful butterflies …this photograph I found in the dream I dreamed , I saved it into the heart , your are looking so gorgeous …that I have not ever imagined off. You hidden yourself for a long time ..& finally today I saw you by the supernatural power the almighty god he is gr8 , so gr8 are his creations & u simply superb friend….. today is a very glad day ..what can be more fascinating to u when it ur's birthday… ,that will bring smile…keep u up to the state u wanted … The glad day finally arrived embraced by the sky , filled with flowers , the greenery of trees …. The joy of celebrating your birthday…….wishing u a very happy birthday My dear friend you smile with infinite compassion will forever be a expert in the art of happiness .Your gentle smiling face is like the sun, illuminating a brilliant palace of joy. Your dialogue of courage is song of compassion..u r now bathed in the brilliant light of hope ..making ur way courageously on ur journey to the castle of happiness , with the wisdom live out ur life in this world in victory & triumph adorning your inner palace with priceless gems .The sun & the twinkling stars shine brightly all heavenly deities will protect u my dear friend.

With Luv

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