Self Introspection

Where Shall it be 
when I won't be here ?
whom my memories will be remebered..
where will my best vibrations,
silent poems over me,
my slowly dying self will be looked upon,
where my crystal clear interior
and the struggle for feeling alive, and giving other inspiration,
my real life ignorance of this world will vanish?

I know these roads,
Instead Of following them , I would ask myself where I'm now..
If ever I've been into  this world!.
Too Mean...taking breath ,
sounds like life is borrowed 
and soul at stake.
World has changed , So ppl
from very essence of love to haterdness.
O Lord give peace a chance to spread it arms.
Planet earth wants  its golorius days back ..
where there will only love prevail.

P.S : This poem came in mind looking into the Global changes happening on
        earth that disturbing the whole ecosystem, Looking at Them this came
       out ..hope you like it..:).

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