Welcome Back MOM :)

MY Mom is finally back, and I'm so happy she will be here till next april or so.
Its been 2 weeks since my lil bro left for native to get back mom with us, since
it has been raining continually there for some 4-5 days last week and since its
Hilly region.And road is the only way of transport, due to lots of landslides , 
it took him 2 days to reach home.Tried calling him many times but no communication 
since there was no electricity and Mobile was discharged.We have another home in town
( Srinagar Garhwal) , before my native place which is abt 50 Km.tried calling there 
as well but no one had any clue where they are?.

And later while coming back , there was another landslide in the way , for which they have to travel 5-6 km  on foot with luggage.On Thursday I got a call that they has left for Delhi , but in afternoon I got a call from lil bro that they are stuck at another landslide from both ends..
I thought they will be reaching home late ..but there was no news of them, I  was well prepared to welcome them with Good dinner, they didn't came whole night.
I was trying their cell No lots of time but no connect it was really frustrating that time as 
lots of wrong thoughts were coming in minds. 

But Finally get a call in next Morning i.e Friday that they are coming ..
I was very eager to come home early but things happened somewhat this way that ..I had to go on a client visit ,where I get late.
I Reached Home late , and saw a surprise my sister along with her husband were 
also present.We had a great dinner which , my sister brought from home.

After sometime sister left for home.
we had a chit chat on whole story , how n when ..what happened n all.
Mom also brought some of my favorites Like Rote , Peach , pears and Koada (brown color Flour).
So I'm very happy , as mom is finally with us..
Its been a long time since we had Ghar ka Khaana ( Homemade food).

So its just lovely feeling :)

Welcome back ...MOM :).

Love you !

With Love 



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