Born to be a Vegetarian

Its a story of a born vegetarian , a boy ..who always wants to be a vegetarian ..but when  lil boy reached the age of 3 , his parent started his journey from Veg to Non-veg.( Soup of Fish curry)...still fresh in boys memory and from that day , there was change in the boy ..and his mouth was also going through a transformation phase milk took replaced by new one.

Being in Nature , boy do find a connect , but something was there within that was making him feel , why  the goats ,chickens and fish has to die to meet our food requirement..coz they don't show resistance ..or since they are easy targets. Both options hold good ..

One day Boy decided go to the sacred place where goats were sacrificed and people says , Gods will be happy after goats sacrifice..Boy was not convinced by this .. belief , who gave us rights to take lives of living beings.

Though Boy used to eat non-veg ..the Journey was already started.But something always keeps him in pool of thoughts always.Since it was a village , life was ..very ...kool and happening and full of Joys ..Looking at grazing cow nearby  and just looking @ her seems so innocent when she gave a staring look at us.. a touch on cow head gives different feel a mutual .. understanding that ...we are ..not gonna harm and will definitely protect ( and a special feel when she says Maa..).

Now a change came in boys life and he decided to look @ towns life how it is different from his own native place.... the boy 1st reaction was this you calls .the town ..My village was much better than this ..Slowly gradually boy started ..adapting himself to the new sphere environment with very Less nature connect.

Studies were also going great ..and much needed transformation was on its way..but the hesitancy came as ..what people will think ..but later mellowed the Journey keep on progressing ..Boy has to do a lots of balances ..coz of the roaming profile...

Finally the time was there knocking doors to happen that changed boy's life...
One day Boy invited his friend to his home ..for playing , basically air-gun to hit the target.But a Pigeon came to the lawn and boy tried to target pigeon but couldn't pull the trigger as it was mind jammed no action whatever taken, it was not about the weak heart but the fear of loosing a beautiful creature was boggling in mind.

Another day a co-incidence another bird came  and in fun during the target hitting session ..boy asked his friend to just shoot random ...whatever can he lawn ..but that hit the bird in eye ..and both frnds were in complete shock what they did , and how it happened..

This incident has such a impact on boy that he decided to Quit ..Non-veg... though for the boy it was not a easy decision to make @ the age of 14 , to many temptations ..but the pledge taken once can't be..broken . people in family were scolding like anything but that pledge was more firm within no one can sway the pendulum  ...and slowly and gradually boy turned Pure veg .. and now if boy look at ppl who are pure opposite ..he ..feel yaak again .. and the Questions Pops up ..Oh how u eats all this ..don't you 
feel its wrong ..?

Then its people turn to say , oh you poor you only have grass for the day...well who is poor ..all knows ..hehe...

Looking at the Demand in mkt for Non-veg the effect is very clear and alarming too the chicken farm are developing chicks @ 20 days then normal 40 days natural cycle..via some hormones ...injections them adulteration is everywhere and is very dangerous for a regular non-veg ...being a Veg is a 
safe bet ...Believe me.

I being Veg ...Loves my life as it is ...though ..ppl do ask to go Non-veg ..but can its possible now more.
So a Message crisp and clear go green , go vegetarian :).
Hope you like my company some day :).

P.S : looking for your ...true selfless comments. :)

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