There are lots of Media players in the market these days , like real player , window Media player , Divx player , VLC player & Quicktime player etc.

And if we downloads a video file and later tries to watch it , sometime we are able to watch video , sometime not and only got audio (sound), which means you probably didn't have the required codecs to play that video.

Most videos available online to download require codecs because they are compressed, basically to provide the High quality with less size, examples for video compressions are DivX, XviD, or just a video converted to FLV (flash video), usually FLV videos have poor quality but the file size is very small.

The reason most people use such compressions is to save time uploading the video and make it available online, which is great for the downloader.

There are a lot of codec packs available, most of them are free, from my experience I found K-Lite Mega Codec pack to be the best one, it installs all the required codecs you need to play almost any video file, and it's very easy to use.

Dowload Media Player Classic ( K-lite) From below Link ...


Some people don't like to install codec packs, they prefer to install each codec by itself, for example they download the latest DivX and install it, then XviD, so on and so forth, if you're just looking for a way to enjoy watching videos without any hassle, so I recommend K-Lite, they frequently update their codecs and they provide a free media player with the package.

You can also install VLC Media player, it's free, and it plays almost all video files without having any codecs installed.
VLC has lots of other functionality Like taking snapshot of the video etc.

Download VLC player from below link

If you're a Linux user, the process of playing videos is a bit easier for you, when you try to play a video and a codec is required, the media player automatically notifies you of the missing codec and asks you if you would like to install them, then all you have to do is accept, after that the codecs are downloaded and installed automatically for you.

So Go For K-Lite CODEC or VLC.

Have a nice time watching your Favrourite Video. Cheers !!!

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